[SPARC] cpwatchdog: implement ->compat_ioctl
[linux-2.6.git] / sound / pci /
2005-11-07 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ice1724 - Fix ADC mux put callback in aureon.c
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] hda-codec - Minor rewrites
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] hda-codec - Show power state in proc file
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ice1724 - Add SPDIF support to Shuttle SN25P
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ac97 - Fix confliction of DRA and surround slots
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] intel8x0 - Fix irq handler registration
2005-11-04 Karoly Lorentey [ALSA] intel8x0 - Add ac97_quirk for Dell Inspiron...
2005-11-04 Andreas Mohr [ALSA] AZT3328 driver update
2005-11-04 Tim [ALSA] Fix emu10k1 synth problems.
2005-11-04 Jesper Juhl [ALSA] Big kfree NULL check cleanup - sound
2005-11-04 Nishanth Aravamudan [ALSA] Fix schedule_timeout usage
2005-11-04 Wei Ni [ALSA] intel8x0 - fix capture for M1563
2005-11-04 James Courtier-Dutton [ALSA] ca0106: Added copyright messages.
2005-11-04 James Courtier-Dutton [ALSA] ca0106: Cosmetic changes.
2005-11-04 James Courtier-Dutton [ALSA] snd-ca0106: Add midi support.
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] hdsp - Code clean up
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Add missing KERN_* suffix to printk
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Remove multi-card support for ali5451 and nm256
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Fix the type of enable module option
2005-11-04 John W. Linville [ALSA] nm256: reset workaround for Latitude CSx
2005-11-04 Clemens Ladisch [ALSA] ymfpci: change timer resolution to 48 kHz
2005-11-04 Charles R. Anderson [ALSA] Fix maestro3 hang after cold boot
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] intel8x0 - Fix handling of module parameters
2005-11-04 Karsten Wiese [ALSA] Reduce interrupt latency in sound/pci/via82xx.c
2005-11-04 Honza Maly [ALSA] Enable DXS controls for VIA VT82xx
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Add support of high-rate SPDIF output
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] hda-codec - Get subsystem ID from AFG/MFG
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] es1938 - Clean up and fix trigger in PM
2005-11-04 Rudolf Marek [ALSA] es1938 - Fix resume
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] via82xx - Add DXS entry for Clevo D470
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Remove vmalloc wrapper, kfree_nocheck()
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Remove snd_runtime_check() macro
2005-11-04 Sasha Khapyorsky [ALSA] Sasha Khapyorsky: My email address is changed...
2005-11-04 Dick Streefland [ALSA] intel8x0 - enable ac97_quirk hp_only for Acer...
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Allow 8-44khz sample rates on Revolution 7.1
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Add dummy obsoleted module options for backward...
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] intel8x0 - Suppress the codec warnings during...
2005-11-04 Clemens Ladisch [ALSA] highlanderize motherboard AC97/HDA drivers
2005-11-04 Randy Dunlap [ALSA] sound: align device drivers menus
2005-11-04 Sasha Khapyorsky [ALSA] Removing obsolete AC97_SHARED_TYPES
2005-11-04 Sasha Khapyorsky [ALSA] dev_class=SNDRV_PCM_CLASS_MODEM for modem PCMs
2005-11-04 Glen Masgai [ALSA] ymfpci: add S/PDIF-in > S/PDIF-out loop
2005-11-04 Sasha Khapyorsky [ALSA] au88x0: codec access procs for multiple AC97...
2005-11-04 Jonathan Woithe [ALSA] hda-codec - A new model for Fujitsu S7020
2005-11-04 Clemens Ladisch [ALSA] cmipci: use FM/MIDI ports in PCI port space
2005-11-04 Vinod G [ALSA] hda-intel - Add NVidia support
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Fix a typo
2005-11-04 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Fix surround control of CMI9761
2005-11-04 Mikael Magnusson [ALSA] emu10k1: Front channels via fxbus 8 and 9
2005-11-01 James Courtier-Dutton [PATCH] Creative Audigy 2 cardbus: Add IO window wakeup...
2005-10-28 Grant Coady [PATCH] pci_ids: macros: replace partial with whole...
2005-10-28 Russell King [PATCH] DRIVER MODEL: Get rid of the obsolete tri-level...
2005-10-07 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] ali5451 - Don't build non-existing modem PCM
2005-10-07 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] emu10k1 - Fix handling of ac97_chip=2
2005-10-07 Clemens Ladisch [ALSA] korg1212: fix typo
2005-10-07 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] emu10k1 - Fix loading of SBLive Game board
2005-10-07 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] via82xx - dxs_support entry for an ASUS mobo
2005-10-07 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Fix confliction of capture controls on ALC880...
2005-10-07 John W. Linville [ALSA] fix HD audio ALC882 lfe (un)mute
2005-10-07 John W. Linville [ALSA] fix alc880_test_mixer typo
2005-10-07 John W. Linville [ALSA] fix HD audio ALC260 mono (un)mute
2005-10-07 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] via82xx - Add a dxs whitelist entry
2005-10-07 Nicolas Pitre [ALSA] clean suspend/resume calls for ac97_bus_type
2005-10-07 Nicolas Pitre [ALSA] remove redundent assignment to the ac97 device...
2005-10-07 Nicolas Pitre [ALSA] remove bogus match method for ac97_bus
2005-10-07 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] hda-intel - Disable DMA position auto-correction
2005-10-07 Sasha Khapyorsky [ALSA] hda-codec - 'empty' generic mfg-only codec
2005-10-07 Sasha Khapyorsky [ALSA] no templated index for si3036 modem controls
2005-10-07 Sasha Khapyorsky [ALSA] no templated index for mc97 controls
2005-09-23 Chuck Ebbert [PATCH] atiixp_modem printk fixes
2005-09-14 Roland Dreier [PATCH] add PCI IDs so RME32 and RME96 drivers build
2005-09-12 Clemens Ladisch [ALSA] set owner field in struct pci_driver
2005-09-12 James Courtier-Dutton [ALSA] snd-emu10k1: ALSA bug#1297: Fix a error recognis...
2005-09-12 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Replace with kzalloc() - pci stuff
2005-09-12 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] hda-codec - Added ASUS A6
2005-09-12 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] intel8x0 - Add buggy_semaphore option
2005-09-12 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] hda-intel - Fix modem PCM creation
2005-09-12 Jiri Slaby [ALSA] pci_find_device remove
2005-09-12 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Remove superfluous PCI ID definitions
2005-09-12 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] hda-codec - Assign audio PCMS first
2005-09-12 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] hda-intel - Check validity of DMA position
2005-09-12 Davide Libenzi [ALSA] hda-codec - Bring the Vaio's RA826G HDA (82801...
2005-09-12 Clemens Ladisch [ALSA] sparse address space annotations
2005-09-12 James Courtier-Dutton [ALSA] snd-ca0106, snd-emu10k1: Add symlink in the...
2005-09-12 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Fix ALC658D support
2005-09-12 Clemens Ladisch [ALSA] hdsp: always initialize card name
2005-09-12 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] intel8x0 - Add quirk for IBM NetVisa A30p
2005-09-12 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] atiixp - Fix PM resume
2005-09-12 Clemens Ladisch [ALSA] ad1889: add AD1889 driver
2005-09-12 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Fix EAPD for MSI S270
2005-09-12 James Courtier-Dutton [ALSA] snd-ca0106: Tidy up volume controls
2005-09-07 Pekka Enberg [PATCH] ALSA: convert kcalloc to kzalloc
2005-09-05 Pavel Machek [PATCH] swsusp: fix remaining u32 vs. pm_message_t...
2005-08-30 Lee Revell [ALSA] Add identification for Live 5.1 [SB0220]
2005-08-30 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] emu10k1 - Add missing ac97 support on SBLive...
2005-08-30 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] intel8x0 - Add quirk for FSC 4010
2005-08-30 Daniel Horchner [ALSA] intel8x0 - add AC97_TUNE_MUTE_LED quirk for...
2005-08-30 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] Fix missing spin_unlock
2005-08-30 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] hda-intel - Fix ULI M5461 support
2005-08-30 Takashi Iwai [ALSA] hda-codec - Add beep support for Uniwill