[CRYPTO] seqiv: Add select AEAD in Kconfig
[linux-2.6.git] / net /
2007-11-15 Evgeniy Polyakov [NETFILTER]: Fix NULL pointer dereference in nf_nat_mov...
2007-11-15 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: fix compat_nf_sockopt typo
2007-11-15 Pavel Emelyanov [INET]: Fix potential kfree on vmalloc-ed area of reque...
2007-11-15 David S. Miller Merge branch 'fixes-davem' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2007-11-15 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2007-11-15 Adrian Bunk sunrpc/xprtrdma/transport.c: fix use-after-free
2007-11-15 Helmut Schaa mac80211: Fix queuing of scan containing a SSID
2007-11-15 Eric Dumazet [NET]: rt_check_expire() can take a long time, add...
2007-11-14 Ilpo Järvinen [TCP] FRTO: Clear frto_highmark only after process_frto...
2007-11-14 Pavel Emelyanov [NET]: Remove notifier block from chain when register_n...
2007-11-14 Ilpo Järvinen [TCP]: Make sure write_queue_from does not begin with...
2007-11-14 Ilpo Järvinen [TCP] FRTO: Plug potential LOST-bit leak
2007-11-14 Ilpo Järvinen [TCP] FRTO: Limit snd_cwnd if TCP was application limited
2007-11-14 Peter P Waskiewicz Jr [PKT_SCHED]: Check subqueue status before calling hard_...
2007-11-13 Eric Dumazet [NETFILTER]: xt_time should not assume CONFIG_KTIME_SCALAR
2007-11-13 Denis V. Lunev [NET]: Move unneeded data to initdata section.
2007-11-13 Denis V. Lunev [NET]: Cleanup pernet operation without CONFIG_NET_NS
2007-11-13 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: bridge: fix double POSTROUTING hook invocation
2007-11-13 Pavel Emelyanov [NETFILTER]: Consolidate nf_sockopt and compat_nf_sockopt
2007-11-13 Li Zefan [NETFILTER]: nf_nat: fix memset error
2007-11-13 Pavel Emelyanov [INET]: Use list_head-s in inetpeer.c
2007-11-13 Adrian Bunk [IPVS]: Remove unused exports.
2007-11-13 Adrian Bunk [NET]: Unexport sysctl_{r,w}mem_max.
2007-11-13 Urs Thuermann [AF_PACKET]: Fix minor code duplication
2007-11-13 David S. Miller Merge branch 'pending' of /linux/kernel/git/vxy/lksctp-dev
2007-11-13 Trond Myklebust [NET]: Add the helper kernel_sock_shutdown()
2007-11-13 Pierre Ynard [IPV6]: Add ifindex field to ND user option messages.
2007-11-12 Jesper Juhl Fix memory leak in discard case of sctp_sf_abort_violat...
2007-11-11 Denis V. Lunev [INET]: Small possible memory leak in FIB rules
2007-11-11 Alexey Dobriyan [NETNS]: init dev_base_lock only once
2007-11-11 Pavel Emelyanov [UNIX]: The unix_nr_socks limit can be exceeded
2007-11-11 Pavel Emelyanov [AF_UNIX]: Convert socks to unix_socks in scan_inflight...
2007-11-11 Pavel Emelyanov [AF_UNIX]: Make unix_tot_inflight counter non-atomic
2007-11-11 Peter P Waskiewicz Jr [AF_PACKET]: Allow multicast traffic to be caught by...
2007-11-11 Johannes Berg mac80211: fix MAC80211_RCSIMPLE Kconfig
2007-11-11 John W. Linville mac80211: make "decrypt failed" messages conditional...
2007-11-11 Johannes Berg mac80211: use IW_AUTH_PRIVACY_INVOKED rather than IW_AU...
2007-11-11 Johannes Berg mac80211: remove unused driver ops
2007-11-11 Johannes Berg mac80211: remove ieee80211_common.h
2007-11-11 Michael Buesch rfkill: Fix sparse warning
2007-11-11 Michael Buesch rfkill: Use mutex_lock() at register and add sanity...
2007-11-11 Johannes Berg mac80211: allow driver to ask for a rate control algorithm
2007-11-11 Johannes Berg mac80211: don't allow registering the same rate control...
2007-11-11 Michael Buesch rfkill: Use subsys_initcall
2007-11-11 Johannes Berg mac80211: make simple rate control algorithm built-in
2007-11-11 Michael Buesch rfkill: Register LED triggers before registering switch
2007-11-11 Johannes Berg softmac: fix wext MLME request reason code endianness
2007-11-11 Radu Rendec [PKT_SCHED] CLS_U32: Use ffs() instead of C code on...
2007-11-11 Patrick McHardy [VLAN]: Allow setting mac address while device is up
2007-11-11 Patrick McHardy [VLAN]: Don't synchronize addresses while the vlan...
2007-11-11 Pavel Emelyanov [INET]: Cleanup the xfrm4_tunnel_(un)register
2007-11-11 Pavel Emelyanov [INET]: Add missed tunnel64_err handler
2007-11-11 Pavel Emelyanov [IPX]: Use existing sock refcnt debugging infrastructure
2007-11-11 Pavel Emelyanov [PACKET]: Use existing sock refcnt debugging infrastructure
2007-11-11 Joe Perches [NET]: Fix infinite loop in dev_mc_unsync().
2007-11-11 Pavel Emelyanov [NET]: Make helper to get dst entry and "use" it
2007-11-11 Pavel Emelyanov [IPV4]: Remove bugus goto-s from ip_route_input_slow
2007-11-11 Ilpo Järvinen [TCP]: Split SACK FRTO flag clearing (fixes FRTO corner...
2007-11-11 Ilpo Järvinen [TCP]: Add unlikely() to sacktag out-of-mem in fragment...
2007-11-11 Ilpo Järvinen [TCP]: Fix reord detection due to snd_una covered holes
2007-11-11 Ilpo Järvinen [TCP]: Consider GSO while counting reord in sacktag
2007-11-09 Vlad Yasevich SCTP: Always flush the queue when uncorcking.
2007-11-09 Vlad Yasevich SCTP: Fix PR-SCTP to deliver all the accumulated ordere...
2007-11-09 Vlad Yasevich SCTP: Make sctp_verify_param return multiple indications.
2007-11-09 Vlad Yasevich SCTP: Convert custom hash lists to use hlist.
2007-11-09 Vlad Yasevich SCTP: Use hashed lookup when looking for an association.
2007-11-07 Vlad Yasevich SCTP: Fix a potential race between timers and receive...
2007-11-07 Vlad Yasevich SCTP: Allow ADD_IP to work with AUTH for backward compa...
2007-11-07 Vlad Yasevich SCTP: Correctly disable ADD-IP when AUTH is not supported.
2007-11-07 Vlad Yasevich SCTP: Update RCU handling during the ADD-IP case
2007-11-07 Vlad Yasevich SCTP: Fix difference cases of retransmit.
2007-11-07 Wei Yongjun SCTP : Fix to process bundled ASCONF chunk correctly
2007-11-07 Wei Yongjun SCTP : Fix bad formatted comment in outqueue.c
2007-11-07 Patrick McHardy [NETLINK]: Fix unicast timeouts
2007-11-07 Eric Dumazet [INET]: Remove per bucket rwlock in tcp/dccp ehash...
2007-11-07 Rumen G. Bogdanovski [IPVS]: Synchronize closing of Connections
2007-11-07 Rumen G. Bogdanovski [IPVS]: Bind connections on stanby if the destination...
2007-11-07 Pavel Emelyanov [NET]: Clean proto_(un)register from in-code ifdefs
2007-11-07 Herbert Xu [IPSEC]: Fix crypto_alloc_comp error checking
2007-11-07 Patrick McHardy [VLAN]: Fix SET_VLAN_INGRESS_PRIORITY_CMD ioctl
2007-11-07 Johann Felix Soden [NETNS]: Fix compiler error in net_namespace.c
2007-11-07 Radu Rendec [PKT_SCHED] CLS_U32: Fix endianness problem with u32...
2007-11-07 Jiri Olsa [NET]: Removing duplicit #includes
2007-11-07 Pavel Emelyanov [IPV4]: Compact some ifdefs in the fib code.
2007-11-07 Alexey Dobriyan [IPV6]: Convert /proc/net/ipv6_route to seq_file interface
2007-11-07 Evgeniy Polyakov [PKT_SCHED]: Fix OOPS when removing devices from a...
2007-11-07 David S. Miller [DCCP]: Use DEFINE_PROTO_INUSE infrastructure.
2007-11-07 Eric Dumazet [SCTP]: Use the {DEFINE|REF}_PROTO_INUSE infrastructure
2007-11-07 Eric Dumazet [IPV6]: Use the {DEFINE|REF}_PROTO_INUSE infrastructure
2007-11-07 Eric Dumazet [IPV4]: Use the {DEFINE|REF}_PROTO_INUSE infrastructure
2007-11-07 Eric Dumazet [NET]: Define infrastructure to keep 'inuse' changes...
2007-11-07 Pavel Emelyanov [IPV4]: Clean the ip_sockglue.c from some ugly ifdefs
2007-11-07 Alexey Dobriyan [DECNET]: "addr" module param can't be __initdata
2007-11-07 Mitsuru Chinen [IPv6] SNMP: Restore Udp6InErrors incrementation
2007-11-07 Alexey Dobriyan [NET]: Remove /proc/net/stat/*_arp_cache upon module...
2007-11-07 Pavel Emelyanov [IPV6]: Consolidate the ip cork destruction in ip6_output.c
2007-11-07 Pavel Emelyanov [IPV4]: Consolidate the ip cork destruction in ip_output.c
2007-11-07 Bart De Schuymer [NETFILTER]: ebt_arp: fix --arp-gratuitous matching...
2007-11-07 Alexey Dobriyan [NETFILTER]: nf_sockopts list head cleanup
2007-11-07 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: remove unneeded rcu_dereference() calls