wireless: support internal statically compiled regulatory database
[linux-2.6.git] / net / wireless / Makefile
2009-12-21 John W. Linville wireless: support internal statically compiled regulato...
2009-10-07 John W. Linville wireless: implement basic ethtool support for cfg80211...
2009-10-07 Johannes Berg wext: refactor
2009-08-14 Johannes Berg cfg80211: validate channel settings across interfaces
2009-07-10 Johannes Berg cfg80211: managed mode wext compatibility
2009-07-10 Samuel Ortiz cfg80211: connect/disconnect API
2009-05-20 Luis R. Rodriguez mac80211/cfg80211: move wiphy specific debugfs entries...
2009-04-22 Johannes Berg cfg80211/nl80211: add IBSS API
2009-03-28 Jouni Malinen nl80211: Event notifications for MLME events
2009-03-28 Reinette Chatre cfg80211/nl80211: remove usage of CONFIG_NL80211
2009-02-13 Johannes Berg cfg80211/nl80211: scanning (and mac80211 update to...
2008-12-12 Johannes Berg mac80211/cfg80211: check endianness in sparse runs
2008-12-05 Johannes Berg cfg80211: handle SIOCGIWNAME
2008-11-21 John W. Linville lib80211: absorb crypto bits from net/ieee80211
2008-10-31 John W. Linville wireless: consolidate on a single escape_essid implemen...
2008-02-29 Johannes Berg cfg80211 API for channels/bitrates, mac80211 and driver...
2007-10-10 Johannes Berg [NL80211]: add netlink interface to cfg80211
2007-07-12 Andy Green [PATCH] cfg80211: Radiotap parser
2007-04-27 Johannes Berg [WEXT]: Move to net/wireless
2007-04-26 Johannes Berg [WIRELESS] cfg80211: New wireless config infrastructure.
2007-04-26 Johannes Berg [WIRELESS]: Refactor wireless Kconfig.