Merge branch 'master' of
[linux-2.6.git] / include / linux / netdevice.h
2011-07-21 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2011-07-17 David S. Miller neigh: Kill hh_cache->hh_output
2011-07-14 Michał Mirosław net: remove NETIF_F_ALL_TX_OFFLOADS
2011-07-14 Michał Mirosław net: unexport netdev_fix_features()
2011-07-14 David S. Miller net: Embed hh_cache inside of struct neighbour.
2011-07-13 David S. Miller net: Kill support for multiple hh_cache entries per...
2011-07-13 David S. Miller net: Push protocol type directly down to header_ops...
2011-07-12 David S. Miller netdevice: Kill 'feature' test macros.
2011-06-22 Alexey Dobriyan net: remove mm.h inclusion from netdevice.h
2011-06-21 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2011-06-08 Alexander Duyck v2 ethtool: remove support for ETHTOOL_GRXNTUPLE
2011-06-07 Alexey Dobriyan net: remove interrupt.h inclusion from netdevice.h
2011-06-06 David S. Miller net: Rework netdev_drivername() to avoid warning.
2011-05-20 Eric Dumazet macvlan: remove one synchronize_rcu() call
2011-05-13 Joe Perches netdevice.h: Align struct net_device members
2011-05-12 Michał Mirosław net: introduce netdev_change_features()
2011-05-12 Yi Zou net: group FCoE related feature flags
2011-05-08 Mahesh Bandewar net: Allow ethtool to set interface in loopback mode.
2011-04-29 David Decotigny ethtool: Call ethtool's get/set_settings callbacks...
2011-04-28 Michał Mirosław net: allow user to change NETIF_F_HIGHDMA
2011-04-28 Michał Mirosław net: fix netdev_increment_features()
2011-04-28 Eric Dumazet net: filter: Just In Time compiler for x86-64
2011-04-12 Michał Mirosław net: vlan_features comment clarification
2011-04-05 Tom Herbert net: Allow no-cache copy from user on transmit
2011-04-04 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2011-04-03 Michał Mirosław net: Call netdev_features_change() from netdev_update_f...
2011-04-02 Michał Mirosław net: Fix dev dev_ethtool_get_rx_csum() for forced NETIF...
2011-03-16 Jiri Pirko net: introduce rx_handler results and logic around...
2011-03-11 Yi Zou net: add proper documentation for previously added...
2011-03-10 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2011-03-09 Vasiliy Kulikov net: don't allow CAP_NET_ADMIN to load non-netdev kerne...
2011-03-08 Yi Zou net: add ndo_fcoe_ddp_target() to support FCoE DDP...
2011-03-07 Joe Perches netdevice: Convert printk to pr_info in netif_tx_stop_queue
2011-03-03 Vlad Dogaru netdevice: make initial group visible to userspace
2011-02-17 Michał Mirosław net: introduce NETIF_F_RXCSUM
2011-02-17 Michał Mirosław net: Introduce new feature setting ops
2011-02-17 Michał Mirosław ethtool: factorize get/set_one_feature
2011-02-17 Michał Mirosław ethtool: enable GSO and GRO by default
2011-02-14 Jiri Pirko rtnetlink: implement setting of master device
2011-02-13 Jiri Pirko net: make dev->master general
2011-02-13 Jiri Pirko net: remove the unnecessary dance around skb_bond_shoul...
2011-01-27 Eric Dumazet net: fix dev_seq_next()
2011-01-24 Michał Mirosław net: reduce and unify printk level in netdev_fix_features()
2011-01-24 Michał Mirosław net: change netdev->features to u32
2011-01-24 Ben Hutchings net: RPS: Enable hardware acceleration of RFS
2011-01-20 John Fastabend net: implement mechanism for HW based QOS
2011-01-20 Vlad Dogaru net_device: add support for network device groups
2011-01-14 Eric Dumazet net: remove dev_txq_stats_fold()
2011-01-11 Tom Herbert net: Add alloc_netdev_mqs function
2011-01-10 Jesse Gross net offloading: Pass features into netif_needs_gso().
2011-01-10 Jesse Gross net offloading: Generalize netif_get_vlan_features().
2011-01-03 Michal Simek trivial: Fix typo fault in netdevice.h
2010-12-16 Changli Gao net: use NUMA_NO_NODE instead of the magic number -1
2010-12-16 Vladislav Zolotarov bnx2x: Take the distribution range definition out of...
2010-12-08 Eric Dumazet net: RCU conversion of dev_getbyhwaddr() and arp_ioctl()
2010-12-01 Eric Dumazet net sched: use xps information for qdisc NUMA affinity
2010-11-29 Eric Dumazet xps: add __rcu annotations
2010-11-29 Tom Herbert xps: Add CONFIG_XPS
2010-11-28 Eric Dumazet net: add netif_tx_queue_frozen_or_stopped
2010-11-24 Tom Herbert xps: Transmit Packet Steering
2010-11-15 stephen hemminger netdev: add rcu annotations to receive handler hook
2010-11-15 Tom Herbert net: Simplify RX queue allocation
2010-11-15 Jesse Gross offloading: Force software GSO for multiple vlan tags.
2010-11-08 Eric Dumazet decnet: RCU conversion and get rid of dev_base_lock
2010-11-08 Guillaume Chazarain net: Detect and ignore netif_stop_queue() calls before...
2010-10-25 Eric Dumazet rps: add __rcu annotations
2010-10-25 Eric Dumazet net/802: add __rcu annotations
2010-10-25 Eric Dumazet ipv6: ip6_ptr rcu annotations
2010-10-25 Eric Dumazet vlan: rcu annotations
2010-10-21 stephen hemminger napi: unexport napi_reuse_skb
2010-10-21 Jesse Gross vlan: Centralize handling of hardware acceleration.
2010-10-21 Jesse Gross vlan: Avoid hash table lookup to find group.
2010-10-21 Jesse Gross vlan: Enable software emulation for vlan accleration.
2010-10-20 Tom Herbert net: allocate tx queues in register_netdevice
2010-10-12 Eric Dumazet net: percpu net_device refcount
2010-10-11 Eric Dumazet neigh: speedup neigh_hh_init()
2010-10-05 Eric Dumazet net: add a core netdev->rx_dropped counter
2010-10-05 Eric Dumazet net: dynamic ingress_queue allocation
2010-09-29 Eric Dumazet net: rename netdev rx_queue to ingress_queue
2010-09-29 Eric Dumazet dummy: percpu stats and lockless xmit
2010-09-28 Ben Hutchings net: Add netif_copy_real_num_queues() for use by virtua...
2010-09-28 Ben Hutchings net: Allow changing number of RX queues after device...
2010-09-28 Eric Dumazet tunnels: prepare percpu accounting
2010-09-27 Eric Dumazet net: loopback driver cleanup
2010-09-23 Eric Dumazet net: return operator cleanup
2010-09-19 Eric Dumazet net: reorder struct netdev_hw_addr
2010-09-17 Eric Dumazet net: shrinks struct net_device
2010-09-16 Eric Dumazet ipv4: ip_ptr cleanups
2010-09-01 Eric Dumazet skge: add GRO support
2010-08-31 Eric Dumazet net: add a comment on netdev->last_rx
2010-08-25 John W. Linville Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-08-24 Simon Horman net: increase the size of priv_flags and add IFF_OVS_DA...
2010-08-23 David S. Miller net: Rename skb_has_frags to skb_has_frag_list
2010-08-16 Johannes Berg cfg80211: support sysfs namespaces
2010-08-04 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-next' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2010-08-04 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/net-next-2.6
2010-08-04 Jiri Kosina Merge branch 'master' into for-next
2010-07-25 Stefan Assmann sysfs: add attribute to indicate hw address assignment...
2010-07-19 Eric Dumazet net: 64bit stats for netdev_queue
2010-07-19 Richard Cochran net: support time stamping in phy devices.