mm: export __get_user_pages
[linux-2.6.git] / include / linux / mm.h
2011-03-17 Huang Ying mm: export __get_user_pages
2011-02-24 Yinghai Lu bootmem: Move __alloc_memory_core_early() to nobootmem.c
2011-01-21 Michal Simek mm: System without MMU do not need pte_mkwrite
2011-01-14 Andrea Arcangeli thp: madvise(MADV_NOHUGEPAGE)
2011-01-14 Andrea Arcangeli thp: compound_trans_order
2011-01-14 Johannes Weiner thp: add x86 32bit support
2011-01-14 Andrea Arcangeli thp: remove PG_buddy
2011-01-14 Andrea Arcangeli thp: pmd_trans_huge migrate bugcheck
2011-01-14 Andrea Arcangeli thp: transparent hugepage core
2011-01-14 Andrea Arcangeli thp: clear_copy_huge_page
2011-01-14 Andrea Arcangeli thp: pte alloc trans splitting
2011-01-14 Andrea Arcangeli thp: export maybe_mkwrite
2011-01-14 Andrea Arcangeli thp: alter compound get_page/put_page
2011-01-14 Andrea Arcangeli thp: compound_lock
2011-01-14 Steven Rostedt mm: remove unlikely() from page_mapping()
2011-01-14 Michel Lespinasse mm: add FOLL_MLOCK follow_page flag.
2010-10-26 Namhyung Kim mm: wrap get_locked_pte() using __cond_lock()
2010-10-26 Michel Lespinasse mm: retry page fault when blocking on disk transfer
2010-10-26 Will Deacon mm: fix typo in mm.h when NODE_NOT_IN_PAGE_FLAGS
2010-10-26 Michael Rubin mm: add account_page_writeback()
2010-10-22 Andi Kleen Merge branch 'hwpoison-hugepages' into hwpoison
2010-10-08 Andi Kleen Encode huge page size for VM_FAULT_HWPOISON errors
2010-10-08 Ingo Molnar Merge commit 'v2.6.36-rc7' into core/memblock
2010-09-09 Stefan Bader mm: Move vma_stack_continue into mm.h
2010-08-31 Ingo Molnar Merge commit 'v2.6.36-rc3' into x86/memblock
2010-08-28 David Howells NOMMU: Stub out vm_get_page_prot() if there's no MMU
2010-08-27 Yinghai Lu memblock: Add find_memory_core_early()
2010-08-24 Luck, Tony guard page for stacks that grow upwards
2010-08-10 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2010-08-09 Christoph Hellwig check ATTR_SIZE contraints in inode_change_ok
2010-08-01 Huang Ying KVM: Avoid killing userspace through guest SRAO MCE...
2010-07-19 Dave Chinner mm: add context argument to shrinker callback
2010-05-25 Chris Metcalf mm: make lowmem_page_address() use PFN_PHYS() for impro...
2010-05-25 Mel Gorman mm: compaction: memory compaction core
2010-05-25 Mel Gorman mm: migration: avoid race between shift_arg_pages(...
2010-04-08 Ingo Molnar Merge branch 'linus' into perf/core
2010-04-07 Naoya Horiguchi pagemap: fix pfn calculation for hugepage
2010-03-26 Peter Zijlstra x86, perf, bts, mm: Delete the never used BTS-ptrace...
2010-03-12 Wu Fengguang mm: introduce dump_page() and print symbolic flag names
2010-03-12 KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki nommu: fix build breakage
2010-03-06 Rik van Riel mm: remove VM_LOCK_RMAP code
2010-03-06 Rik van Riel mm: change anon_vma linking to fix multi-process server...
2010-03-06 KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki mm: avoid false sharing of mm_counter
2010-03-06 KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki mm: clean up mm_counter
2010-03-03 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'x86-bootmem-for-linus' of git://git....
2010-03-03 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2010-02-17 Thomas Gleixner Merge branch 'linus' into x86/mm
2010-02-12 Yinghai Lu sparsemem: Put mem map for one node together.
2010-02-12 Yinghai Lu x86: Make 64 bit use early_res instead of bootmem befor...
2010-02-11 H. Peter Anvin Merge remote branch 'linus/master' into x86/bootmem
2010-02-02 Tejun Heo Merge branch 'master' into percpu
2010-02-02 Wu Fengguang Move page_is_ram() declaration to mm.h
2010-01-16 David Howells nommu: fix shared mmap after truncate shrinkage problems
2010-01-05 Christoph Lameter this_cpu: Page allocator conversion
2009-12-28 Ingo Molnar Merge branch 'iommu/fixes' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-12-19 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'x86-fixes-for-linus' of git://git./linux...
2009-12-17 Yinghai Lu x86: Fix checking of SRAT when node 0 ram is not from 0
2009-12-16 Andi Kleen HWPOISON: Add soft page offline support
2009-12-16 Wu Fengguang HWPOISON: Add unpoisoning support
2009-12-16 Andi Kleen HWPOISON: Turn ref argument into flags argument
2009-12-16 Andi Kleen HWPOISON: Be more aggressive at freeing non LRU caches
2009-12-15 Naoya Horiguchi mm hugetlb: add hugepage support to pagemap
2009-12-15 Huang Shijie include/linux/mm.h: remove unneeded ifdef
2009-12-15 Hugh Dickins mm: define PAGE_MAPPING_FLAGS
2009-09-25 David Howells NOMMU: Fallback for is_vmalloc_or_module_addr() should...
2009-09-24 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-09-24 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'hwpoison' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-09-24 Alexey Dobriyan sysctl: remove "struct file *" argument of ->proc_handler
2009-09-24 truncate: new helpers
2009-09-23 KAMEZAWA Hiroyuki kcore: register module area in generic way
2009-09-22 Hugh Dickins tmpfs: depend on shmem
2009-09-22 Hugh Dickins mm: FOLL flags for GUP flags
2009-09-22 Hugh Dickins mm: FOLL_DUMP replace FOLL_ANON
2009-09-22 Hugh Dickins mm: add get_dump_page
2009-09-22 Jan Beulich mm: replace various uses of num_physpages by totalram_pages
2009-09-22 Hugh Dickins ksm: the mm interface to ksm
2009-09-22 Shaohua Li memory hotplug: update zone pcp at memory online
2009-09-16 Andi Kleen HWPOISON: The high level memory error handler in the...
2009-09-16 Andi Kleen HWPOISON: Define a new error_remove_page address space...
2009-09-16 Wu Fengguang HWPOISON: Add invalidate_inode_page
2009-09-16 Nick Piggin HWPOISON: Refactor truncate to allow direct truncating...
2009-09-16 Andi Kleen HWPOISON: Add basic support for poisoned pages in fault...
2009-08-17 Eric Paris Security/SELinux: seperate lsm specific mmap_min_addr
2009-08-05 Eric Paris Security/SELinux: seperate lsm specific mmap_min_addr
2009-06-25 Peter Zijlstra clarify get_user_pages() prototype
2009-06-21 Linus Torvalds Move FAULT_FLAG_xyz into handle_mm_fault() callers
2009-06-17 Ingo Molnar Merge branch 'linus' into perfcounters/core
2009-06-17 Sergei Trofimovich mm cleanup: shmem_file_setup: 'char *' -> 'const char...
2009-06-17 Minchan Kim page-allocator: add inactive ratio calculation function...
2009-06-17 Minchan Kim page-allocator: clean up functions related to pages_min
2009-06-17 Johannes Weiner mm: introduce follow_pfn()
2009-06-17 Mel Gorman page allocator: do not check NUMA node ID when the...
2009-06-17 Nick Piggin mm: clean up get_user_pages_fast() documentation
2009-06-17 Wu Fengguang readahead: record mmap read-around states in file_ra_state
2009-06-15 Peter Zijlstra x86, mm: Add __get_user_pages_fast()
2009-06-11 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-06-11 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'tracing-for-linus' of git://git./linux...
2009-06-11 James Morris Merge branch 'next' into for-linus
2009-06-04 Christoph Lameter security: use mmap_min_addr indepedently of security...
2009-05-18 Yinghai Lu mm, x86: remove MEMORY_HOTPLUG_RESERVE related code