sh: Fix up header reference for arch/sh/lib64/panic.c.
[linux-2.6.git] / include / asm-m68knommu /
2007-11-05 Greg Ungerer m68knommu: fix pread/pwrite defines
2007-10-24 Greg Ungerer m68knommu: remove unused machdep variable definitions
2007-10-24 Greg Ungerer m68knommu: define DMA channels for ColdFire 532x
2007-10-24 Greg Ungerer m68knommu: add platform struct for ColdFire UART driver
2007-10-23 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'sg' of git://
2007-10-23 Greg Ungerer m68knommu: local module/elf definitions
2007-10-23 Matt Waddel m68knommu: define __clear_user macro
2007-10-23 Jens Axboe m68knommu: remove sg_address()
2007-10-22 Jens Axboe Add CONFIG_DEBUG_SG sg validation
2007-10-22 Jens Axboe Change table chaining layout
2007-10-20 Stefan Richter include/asm-*/system.h: remove unused set_rmb(), set_wm...
2007-10-19 Jiri Slaby forbid asm/bitops.h direct inclusion
2007-10-19 Benjamin Herrenschmidt remove unused flush_tlb_pgtables
2007-10-18 Nick Piggin bitops: introduce lock ops
2007-10-17 Ralf Baechle Remove dma_cache_(wback|inv|wback_inv) functions
2007-10-17 Adrian Bunk remove include/asm-*/ipc.h
2007-10-17 Christoph Hellwig kill DECLARE_MUTEX_LOCKED
2007-10-16 Greg Ungerer M68KNOMMU: remove unused config symbol CONFIG_DISKtel
2007-10-03 Bernd Schmidt Binfmt_flat: Add minimum support for the Blackfin reloc...
2007-09-12 Geert Uytterhoeven m68k(nommu): add missing syscalls
2007-08-24 Greg Ungerer m68knommu: include asm-generic/pgtable.h
2007-07-31 Stephane Eranian remove unused TIF_NOTIFY_RESUME flag
2007-07-29 Greg Ungerer m68knommu: remove crap from machdep.h
2007-07-29 Greg Ungerer m68knommu: fix declaration of mach_sched_init
2007-07-26 Greg Ungerer m68knommu: remove unused mach_trap_init
2007-07-26 Greg Ungerer m68knommu: add prototype for ack_bad_irq
2007-07-25 Greg Ungerer m68knommu: fix reset register address casting
2007-07-25 Greg Ungerer m68knommu: create hw_irq.h
2007-07-25 Philippe De Muyter m68knommu: fix definition of MCFDMA_DIR_INV
2007-07-25 Greg Ungerer m68knommu: fix tick timer definition for coldfire
2007-07-19 Greg Ungerer m68knommu: remove is_in_rom() function
2007-07-19 Greg Ungerer m68knommu: generic irq handling
2007-07-17 Antonino A. Daplas fbdev: detect primary display device
2007-07-17 Antonino A. Daplas fbdev: move arch-specific bits to their respective...
2007-07-17 Mel Gorman Add __GFP_MOVABLE for callers to flag allocations from...
2007-07-11 Jan Beulich PCI: remove pci_dac_dma_... APIs
2007-07-11 Michael Ellerman PCI: Use a weak symbol for the empty version of pcibios...
2007-05-08 Jeff Dike Remove tas()
2007-05-08 Mathieu Desnoyers atomic.h: atomic_add_unless as inline. Remove system...
2007-05-08 David Gibson Clean up mostly unused IOSPACE macros
2007-05-08 Christoph Hellwig move die notifier handling to common code
2007-05-05 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://
2007-05-03 Jean Delvare PCI: scatterlist.h needs types.h
2007-05-02 Jeremy Fitzhardinge [PATCH] x86: PARAVIRT: add hooks to intercept mm creati...
2007-03-07 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: GPIO line defines for the ColdFire...
2007-02-09 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: removed include of system.h from...
2006-12-13 Ralf Baechle [PATCH] Optimize D-cache alias handling on fork
2006-12-07 Adrian Bunk [PATCH] cleanup asm/setup.h userspace visibility
2006-12-07 Arnd Bergmann [PATCH] remove kernel syscalls
2006-12-06 Gavin Lambert [PATCH] m68knommu: remove FP conditionals in ucontext...
2006-12-06 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: implement irq_canonicalize()
2006-12-06 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: create rtc.h
2006-12-04 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: fix missing bracket in scatterlist.h
2006-12-04 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: fix dma-mapping.h
2006-12-04 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: memory register defines for 520x...
2006-12-03 Al Viro [NET]: M68Knommu checksum annotations and cleanups.
2006-12-02 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/driver-2.6
2006-12-01 Benjamin Herrenschmidt Driver core: add dev_archdata to struct device
2006-11-30 Matt LaPlante Fix misc .c/.h comment typos
2006-11-20 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: fix up for the irq_handler_t changes
2006-10-13 Geert Uytterhoeven [PATCH] m68knommu: sync syscalls with m68k
2006-10-03 Uwe Zeisberger fix file specification in comments
2006-10-02 Arnd Bergmann [PATCH] remove remaining errno and __KERNEL_SYSCALLS__...
2006-09-27 Randy Dunlap [PATCH] consistently use MAX_ERRNO in __syscall_return
2006-09-21 David Woodhouse Fix m68knommu exported headers
2006-07-15 Steven Rostedt [PATCH] remove set_wmb - arch removal
2006-07-13 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: fix result type in get_user() macro
2006-07-12 Chase Venters [PATCH] Make cpu_relax() imply barrier() on all arches
2006-07-04 Linus Torvalds Merge git://
2006-07-02 Thomas Gleixner [PATCH] irq-flags: M68KNOMMU: Use the new IRQF_ constants
2006-06-28 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: fix clobber list in uCdimm/uCsimm...
2006-06-28 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: remove NO_FORMAT_VECi from ptrace...
2006-06-26 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: use configurable RAM setup page_offset.h
2006-06-26 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: make enable_irq() macro statement
2006-06-26 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: fix ColdFire 5249 PLL set
2006-06-26 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: ColdFire cache flush fixups
2006-06-26 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: force stack alignment on ColdFire
2006-06-26 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: configurable frequency selection...
2006-06-26 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: add ColdFire 532x UART address support
2006-06-26 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: include ColdFire 532x register defin...
2006-06-26 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: add ColdFire 532x cache init
2006-06-26 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: ColdFire 532x register definitions
2006-06-26 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: read/write register access for PIT...
2006-06-26 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: read/write register access for ColdF...
2006-06-23 Jan Beulich [PATCH] adjust handle_IRR_event() return type
2006-06-23 Jan Altenberg [PATCH] m68k: ptrace.h typo fix
2006-06-18 David Woodhouse Add empty Kbuild files for 'make headers_install' in...
2006-04-29 David Woodhouse Remove unneeded _syscallX macros from user view in...
2006-04-26 David Woodhouse Don't include linux/config.h from anywhere else in...
2006-03-26 Akinobu Mita [PATCH] bitops: m68knommu: use generic bitops
2006-03-26 Akinobu Mita [PATCH] bitops: use non atomic operations for minix_...
2006-02-08 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: hardirq.h needs definition of NR_IRQS
2006-01-12 Al Viro [PATCH] m68k: kill mach_floppy_setup, convert to proper...
2006-01-12 Al Viro [PATCH] death of get_thread_info/put_thread_info
2006-01-10 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: save reg a5 on context change
2006-01-10 Greg Ungerer [PATCH] m68knommu: fix find_next_zero_bit in bitops.h
2006-01-10 Brian Gerst [PATCH] Generic ioctl.h
2006-01-09 Arjan van de Ven [PATCH] mutex subsystem, add default include/asm-*...
2006-01-09 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] mutex subsystem, add atomic_xchg() to all arches
2006-01-09 Jeff Dike [PATCH] consolidate asm/futex.h