ceph: use complete_all and wake_up_all
[linux-2.6.git] / fs / ceph / inode.c
2010-07-27 Yehuda Sadeh ceph: use complete_all and wake_up_all
2010-07-23 Sage Weil ceph: fix leak of dentry in ceph_init_dentry() error...
2010-06-21 Sage Weil ceph: handle splice_dentry/d_materialize_unique error...
2010-06-01 Henry C Chang ceph: fix d_subdirs ordering problem
2010-05-29 Julia Lawall fs/ceph: Use ERR_CAST
2010-05-17 Sage Weil ceph: use common helper for aborted dir request invalid...
2010-05-17 Sage Weil ceph: set dn offset when spliced
2010-05-17 Sage Weil ceph: don't clobber i_max_offset on already complete dir
2010-05-17 Sage Weil ceph: skip set_dentry_offset work if directory not...
2010-05-17 Sage Weil ceph: fix xattr dangling pointer / double free
2010-05-17 Cheng Renquan ceph: use ceph_sb_to_client instead of ceph_client
2010-05-17 Sage Weil ceph: invalidate affected dentry leases on aborted...
2010-05-11 Sage Weil ceph: fix open file counting on snapped inodes when...
2010-05-03 Sage Weil ceph: clear dir complete on d_move
2010-03-30 Sage Weil ceph: fix dentry rehashing on virtual .snap dir
2010-03-21 Sage Weil ceph: fix inode removal from snap realm when racing...
2010-02-19 Yehuda Sadeh ceph: don't truncate dirty pages in invalidate work...
2010-02-17 Sage Weil ceph: fix typo in ceph_queue_writeback debug output
2010-02-11 Sage Weil ceph: cleanup async writeback, truncation, invalidate...
2010-02-11 Yehuda Sadeh ceph: fix truncation when not holding caps
2010-01-29 Yehuda Sadeh ceph: remove unreachable code
2010-01-25 Sage Weil ceph: properly handle aborted mds requests
2010-01-14 Yehuda Sadeh ceph: change dentry offset and position after splice_dentry
2009-12-22 Sage Weil ceph: ensure rename target dentry fails revalidation
2009-12-07 Sage Weil ceph: simplify ceph_buffer interface
2009-11-11 Sage Weil ceph: initialize i_size/i_rbytes on snapdir
2009-10-21 Sage Weil ceph: move directory size logic to ceph_getattr
2009-10-06 Sage Weil ceph: inode operations