Update .gitignore files for generated targets
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / video / imacfb.c
2008-10-16 Peter Jones efifb/imacfb consolidation + hardware support
2007-11-29 Andrew Morton imacfb: remove reference to otherwise-unused, non-exist...
2007-10-10 Jeff Garzik drivers/firmware: const-ify DMI API and internals
2006-08-27 Thomas Meyer [PATCH] x86: Fix dmi detection of MacBookPro and iMac
2006-08-14 Edgar Hucek [PATCH] add imacfb documentation and detection
2006-07-10 Jon Smirl [PATCH] vt: Remove VT-specific declarations and definit...
2006-06-30 Ingo Molnar [PATCH] fix drivers/video/imacfb.c compilation
2006-06-26 Edgar Hucek [PATCH] imacfb: Add Intel-based Macintosh Framebuffer...