[PATCH] vgacon: make VGA_MAP_MEM take size, remove extra use
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / video / console / vgacon.c
2006-06-22 Bjorn Helgaas [PATCH] vgacon: make VGA_MAP_MEM take size, remove...
2006-03-27 Antonino A. Daplas [PATCH] vgacon: Add support for soft scrollback
2006-03-27 Samuel Thibault [PATCH] vgacon: fix EGA cursor resize function
2006-02-24 Samuel Thibault [PATCH] vgacon: no vertical resizing on EGA
2006-01-09 Antonino A. Daplas [PATCH] vgacon: Workaround for resize bug in some chipsets
2006-01-09 Samuel Thibault [PATCH] vgacon: fix doublescan mode
2005-11-22 Antonino A. Daplas [PATCH] vgacon: Fix usage of stale height value on...
2005-11-05 Samuel Thibault [PATCH] Set the vga cursor even when hidden
2005-10-31 Pozsar Balazs [PATCH] fix vgacon blanking
2005-10-17 Samuel Thibault [PATCH] SVGATextMode fix
2005-09-15 Antonino A. Daplas [PATCH] vgacon: Fix sanity checking in vgacon_resize
2005-09-09 Samuel Thibault [PATCH] vga text console and stty cols/rows
2005-06-22 James Simmons [PATCH] VGA to fbcon fix.
2005-05-01 Bill Nottingham [PATCH] vgacon: set vc_hi_font_mask correctly
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2