musb_gadget: fix unhandled endpoint 0 IRQs
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / usb / musb / musb_core.h
2009-06-16 Sergei Shtylyov musb_gadget: fix unhandled endpoint 0 IRQs
2009-03-24 Giuseppe GORGOGLIONE USB: musb: fix init oops crash with static FIFO config
2009-03-24 Sergei Shtylyov USB: musb: rewrite host periodic endpoint allocation
2009-01-07 Bryan Wu USB: musb: add Blackfin specific configuration to MUSB
2009-01-07 Felipe Balbi USB: musb: check if set_irq_wake succeded and remember it
2009-01-07 David Brownell USB: musb: sysfs mode updates
2008-08-21 Felipe Balbi usb: musb: get rid of procfs entry
2008-08-14 Felipe Balbi usb: musb: pass configuration specifics via pdata
2008-08-14 Felipe Balbi USB: Add MUSB and TUSB support