irda: convert to netdev_tx_t
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / net / irda / smsc-ircc2.c
2009-09-01 Stephen Hemminger irda: convert to netdev_tx_t
2009-07-06 Patrick McHardy net: convert remaining non-symbolic return values in...
2009-06-12 Roel Kluin irda: smsc wait count reaches -1
2009-03-22 Stephen Hemminger irda: convert smsc driver to net_device_ops
2009-01-06 Stephen Hemminger irda: convert to internal stats
2008-12-26 Hannes Eder drivers/net/irda: fix sparse warnings: make symbols...
2008-07-31 Harvey Harrison irda: replace __FUNCTION__ with __func__
2008-06-12 Adrian Bunk irda: remove CVS keywords
2008-05-05 Ingo Molnar irda: fix !PNP support for drivers/net/irda/smsc-ircc2.c
2008-01-28 Jeff Garzik [netdrvr] irq handler minor cleanups in several drivers
2007-10-10 Jonathan Bastien... [IRDA]: Document the fact that smsc-ircc2 will not...
2007-10-10 Ralf Baechle [NET]: Nuke SET_MODULE_OWNER macro.
2007-07-01 Bjorn Helgaas smsc-ircc2: bypass PNP detection until we get the quirk...
2007-06-28 Bjorn Helgaas smsc-ircc2: skip preconfiguration for PNP devices
2007-05-08 Bjorn Helgaas smsc-ircc2: add PNP support
2007-05-08 Bjorn Helgaas smsc-ircc2: tidy up module parameter checking
2007-04-26 Arnaldo Carvalho... [SK_BUFF]: Introduce skb_copy_from_linear_data{_offset}
2007-04-26 Peter Kovar [IrDA]: SMC SuperIO Chip LPC47N227 not identified properly
2007-04-26 Arnaldo Carvalho... [SK_BUFF]: Introduce skb_reset_mac_header(skb)
2006-10-05 David Howells IRQ: Maintain regs pointer globally rather than passing...
2006-09-29 Linus Walleij (LD/EAB [IrDA] smsc-ircc: More laptops detected
2006-07-12 Dmitry Torokhov [PATCH] smsc-ircc2: fix section reference mismatches
2006-05-09 David Brownell [IRDA]: smsc-ircc: Minimal hotplug support.
2006-04-14 Linus Walleij [IRDA]: smsc-ircc2, smcinit support for ALi ISA bridges
2006-04-10 Linus Walleij [IRDA]: smcinit merged into smsc-ircc driver
2005-11-09 Russell King [DRIVER MODEL] Convert platform drivers to use struct...
2005-10-31 Linus Torvalds Merge
2005-10-31 Dmitry Torokhov [PATCH] smsc-ircc2: PM cleanup - do not close device...
2005-10-29 Russell King Create platform_device.h to contain all the platform...
2005-10-28 Russell King [PATCH] DRIVER MODEL: Get rid of the obsolete tri-level...
2005-09-07 Brice Goglin [PATCH] Fix smsc_ircc_init return value
2005-09-07 Dmitry Torokhov [PATCH] smsc-ircc2: dont use void * where specific...
2005-09-07 Dmitry Torokhov [PATCH] smsc-ircc2: use netdev_priv()
2005-09-07 Dmitry Torokhov [PATCH] smsc-ircc2: add to sysfs as platform device...
2005-09-07 Dmitry Torokhov [PATCH] smsc-ircc2: dont pass iobase around
2005-09-07 Dmitry Torokhov [PATCH] smsc-ircc2: remove typedefs
2005-09-07 Dmitry Torokhov [PATCH] smsc-ircc2: drop DIM macro in favor of ARRAY_SIZE
2005-09-07 Dmitry Torokhov [PATCH] smsc-ircc2: formatting fixes
2005-09-07 Dmitry Torokhov [PATCH] smsc-ircc2: whitespace fixes
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2