Merge git://
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / net / can / sja1000 / sja1000.c
2010-02-26 Wolfgang Grandegger can: netlink support for bus-error reporting and counters
2010-01-15 Christian Pellegrin can: Proper ctrlmode handling for CAN devices
2010-01-12 Oliver Hartkopp can: Unify droping of invalid tx skbs and netdev stats
2009-12-14 Oliver Hartkopp can: Fix data length code handling in rx path
2009-11-18 Julia Lawall drivers/net/can: remove exceptional & on function name
2009-10-27 Kurt Van Dijck can: sja1000: fix bug using library functions for skb...
2009-10-20 Wolfgang Grandegger can: provide library functions for skb allocation
2009-10-13 Wolfgang Grandegger can: make the number of echo skb's configurable
2009-09-04 Wolfgang Grandegger can: sja1000: fix network statistics update
2009-09-03 Eric Dumazet drivers: Kill now superfluous ->last_rx stores
2009-09-01 Stephen Hemminger netdev: convert bulk of drivers to netdev_tx_t
2009-07-24 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2009-07-20 Wolfgang Grandegger can: sja1000: remove duplicated includes
2009-07-06 Patrick McHardy net: use NETDEV_TX_OK instead of 0 in ndo_start_xmit...
2009-06-01 Wolfgang Grandegger can: sja1000: stop misusing member base_addr of struct...
2009-06-01 Wolfgang Grandegger can: some fixes and cleanups to the initial device...
2009-05-18 Wolfgang Grandegger can: Driver for the SJA1000 CAN controller