ARM: gpio: at91: convert drivers to use asm/gpio.h rather than mach/gpio.h
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / ide / at91_ide.c
2011-08-08 Russell King ARM: gpio: at91: convert drivers to use asm/gpio.h...
2010-01-19 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: change ->set_pio_mode method parameters
2009-08-16 Sergey Matyukevich at91_ide: remove headers specific for at91sam9263
2009-06-15 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: IORDY handling fixes
2009-05-17 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: remove hw_regs_t typedef
2009-05-17 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: pass number of ports to ide_host_{alloc,add}(...
2009-05-17 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: remove chipset field from hw_regs_t
2009-04-08 Stanislaw Gruszka at91_ide: turn on PIO 6 support
2009-04-08 Stanislaw Gruszka at91_ide: remove unused ide_mm_{outb,inb}
2009-04-08 Huang Weiyi ide: remove unused #include <linux/version.h>
2009-04-08 Sergei Shtylyov at91_ide: remove custom tf_{read|load}() methods
2009-03-31 Sergei Shtylyov ide: turn selectproc() method into dev_select() method...
2009-03-31 Sergei Shtylyov ide: move data register access out of tf_{read|load...
2009-03-31 Sergei Shtylyov ide: call {in|out}put_data() methods from tf_{read...
2009-03-31 Sergei Shtylyov ide: rename IDE_TFLAG_IN_[HOB_]FEATURE
2009-03-31 Sergei Shtylyov ide: turn set_irq() method into write_devctl() method
2009-03-31 Sergei Shtylyov ide: use ATA_HOB
2009-03-31 Bartlomiej Zolnier... at91_ide: fix ->ftf_flags handling
2009-03-27 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: pass command instead of request to ide_pio_datablock()
2009-03-27 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: remove ide_task_t typedef
2009-03-27 Bartlomiej Zolnier... ide: add "flagged" taskfile flags to struct ide_taskfil...
2009-03-27 Bartlomiej Zolnier... at91_ide: use readsw()/writesw() directly
2009-03-05 Stanislaw Gruszka ide: add at91_ide driver