HID: move logitech quirks
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / hid / Kconfig
2008-10-14 Jiri Slaby HID: move logitech quirks
2007-10-14 Jiri Kosina HID: add hidraw interface
2007-08-18 Jan Engelhardt Add some help texts to recently-introduced kconfig...
2007-07-09 Jiri Kosina Merge branches 'debug-module-param' and 'upstream'...
2007-07-09 Jan Engelhardt HID: Use menuconfig objects
2007-07-09 Jiri Kosina HID: make debugging output runtime-configurable
2007-04-11 Jiri Kosina USB HID: move usbhid code from drivers/usb/input to...
2007-02-05 Jiri Kosina HID: hid debug from hid-debug.h to hid layer
2007-01-04 Jiri Kosina HID: fix help texts in Kconfig
2007-01-04 Russell King Fix some ARM builds due to HID brokenness
2006-12-08 Jiri Kosina [PATCH] Generic HID layer - build