drm/i915: fix mask bits setting
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / gpu / drm / i915 / intel_drv.h
2009-09-08 Zhenyu Wang drm/i915: fix mask bits setting
2009-08-25 Ma Ling drm/i915: Set crtc/clone mask in different output devices
2009-07-29 Zhenyu Wang drm/i915: Add eDP support on IGDNG mobile chip
2009-06-18 Keith Packard drm/i915: Add Display Port support
2009-06-18 Keith Packard drm/i915: add per-output hotplug callback for KMS
2009-06-18 Keith Packard drm/i915: Change I2C api to pass around i2c_adapters
2009-05-14 Carl Worth drm/i915: Add new GET_PIPE_FROM_CRTC_ID ioctl.
2009-05-14 Shaohua Li drm/i915: workaround IGD i2c bus issue in kernel side...
2009-02-08 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: sync SDVO code with stable userland modesetti...
2009-01-07 Eric Anholt drm/i915: Add support for integrated HDMI on G4X hardware.
2009-01-07 Kristian Høgsberg drm/i915: Pin cursor bo and unpin old bo when setting...
2008-12-29 Jesse Barnes DRM: i915: add mode setting support