drm/i915: add pipe A force quirks to i915 driver
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / gpu / drm / i915 / i915_drv.h
2010-07-26 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: add pipe A force quirks to i915 driver
2010-07-26 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: disable FBC when more than one pipe is active
2010-07-02 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2010-06-19 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: gen3 page flipping fixes
2010-06-15 Zou Nan hai drm/i915: Fix incorrect intel_ring_begin size in BSD...
2010-06-07 Dave Airlie drm/i915: fix oops on single crtc devices.
2010-05-26 Eric Anholt drm/i915: Clean up leftover bits from hws move to ring...
2010-05-26 Li Peng drm/i915: Add CxSR support on Pineview DDR3
2010-05-26 Daniel Vetter drm/i915: combine all small integers into one single...
2010-05-26 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: add power monitoring support
2010-05-26 Zou Nan hai drm/i915: implement BSD ring buffer V2
2010-05-26 Zou Nan hai drm/i915: convert some gem structures to per-ring V2
2010-05-26 Zou Nan hai drm/i915: introduce intel_ring_buffer structure (V2)
2010-05-26 Eric Anholt drm/i915: Rename dev_priv->ring to dev_priv->render_ring.
2010-05-26 Eric Anholt drm/i915: Move ringbuffer-related code to intel_ringbuf...
2010-05-10 Daniel Vetter drm/i915: move fence lru to struct drm_i915_fence_reg
2010-05-10 Adam Jackson drm/i915: Fix DDC bus selection for multifunction SDVO
2010-05-10 Eric Anholt Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into drm-intel...
2010-05-07 Adam Jackson drm/i915: Make fbc control wrapper functions
2010-04-22 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: use PIPE_CONTROL instruction on Ironlake...
2010-04-22 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: cleanup FBC buffers at unload time
2010-04-20 Daniel Vetter drm/i915: drop pointer to drm_gem_object
2010-04-20 Daniel Vetter drm/i915: don't use ->driver_private anymore
2010-04-20 Daniel Vetter drm/i915: embed the gem object into drm_i915_gem_object
2010-04-20 Daniel Vetter drm/i915: introduce i915_gem_alloc_object
2010-04-20 Dave Airlie Merge branch 'drm-fbdev-cleanup' into drm-core-next
2010-04-18 Adam Jackson drm/i915: Fix 82854 PCI ID, and treat it like other 85X
2010-04-12 Zhenyu Wang drm/i915: enable DP/eDP for Sandybridge/Cougarpoint
2010-04-12 Zhenyu Wang drm/i915: Probe for PCH chipset type
2010-04-12 Zhenyu Wang drm/i915: Sandybridge has no integrated TV
2010-04-10 Zhao Yakui drm/i915: Ignore LVDS EDID when it is unavailabe or...
2010-04-07 Dave Airlie drm/kms/fb: move to using fb helper crtc grouping inste...
2010-04-07 Dave Airlie drm/fb: fix fbdev object model + cleanup properly.
2010-03-25 Daniel Vetter drm/i915: introduce to_intel_bo helper
2010-03-17 Zhenyu Wang drm/i915: Fix check with IS_GEN6
2010-03-01 Dave Airlie Merge branch 'gpu-switcher' of /ssd/git//linux-2.6...
2010-03-01 Dave Airlie vga_switcheroo: initial implementation (v15)
2010-02-26 Eric Anholt drm/i915: Add initial bits for VGA modesetting bringup...
2010-02-22 Chris Wilson drm/i915: Record batch buffer following GPU error
2010-02-22 Owain Ainsworth drm/i915: reduce some of the duplication of tiling...
2010-02-22 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: provide FBC status in debugfs
2010-02-22 Matthew Garrett drm/i915: Deobfuscate the render p-state obfuscation
2010-02-22 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: add dynamic performance control support for...
2010-02-16 Zhenyu Wang drm/i915: Keep MCHBAR always enabled
2010-02-10 Daniel Vetter drm/i915: Update write_domains on active list after...
2010-01-27 Chris Wilson drm/i915: Selectively enable self-reclaim
2010-01-15 Zhenyu Wang drm/i915: parse eDP panel color depth from VBT block
2010-01-15 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: disable LVDS downclock by default
2010-01-12 Zhenyu Wang drm/i915: Don't wait interruptible for possible plane...
2010-01-06 Andrew Lutomirski drm/i915: Fix RC6 suspend/resume
2010-01-06 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: execbuf2 support
2009-12-16 Kristian Høgsberg drm/i915: Track whether cursor needs physical address...
2009-12-16 Kristian Høgsberg drm/i915: Implement IS_* macros using static tables
2009-12-16 Zhao Yakui drm/i915: Update LVDS connector status when receiving...
2009-12-10 Dave Airlie Merge remote branch 'anholt/drm-intel-next' into drm...
2009-12-08 Andrew Lutomirski drm/i915: restore render clock gating on resume
2009-12-08 Dave Airlie Merge remote branch 'anholt/drm-intel-next' into drm...
2009-12-07 Adam Jackson drm/i915: Fix product names and #defines
2009-12-01 Kristian Høgsberg drm/i915: Add intel implementation of the pageflip...
2009-12-01 Zhenyu Wang drm/i915: PineView only has LVDS and CRT ports
2009-12-01 Zhao Yakui drm/i915: parse child device from VBT
2009-12-01 Shaohua Li drm/i915: fix gpio register detection logic for BIOS...
2009-11-25 Zhao Yakui drm/i915: Enable LVDS downclock feature through EDID.
2009-11-12 Zhenyu Wang drm/i915: Add more registers save/restore for Ironlake...
2009-11-05 Zhenyu Wang drm/i915: Add display hotplug event on Ironlake
2009-11-05 Zhao Yakui drm/i915: Add ACPI OpRegion support for Ironlake
2009-11-05 Daniel Vetter drm/i915: kill i915_lp_ring_sync
2009-11-05 Daniel Vetter drm/i915: implement fastpath for overlay flip waiting
2009-11-05 Daniel Vetter drm/i915: implement drmmode overlay support v4
2009-11-05 Daniel Vetter drm/i915: kill superflous IS_I855 macro
2009-11-05 Daniel Vetter drm/i915: add i915_lp_ring_sync helper
2009-11-05 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: add render standby support
2009-11-04 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-11-02 Linus Torvalds i915: fix intel graphics suspend breakage due to resume...
2009-10-23 Zhenyu Wang drm/i915: Ironlake suspend/resume support
2009-10-15 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: save/restore BLC histogram control reg across...
2009-10-13 Zhenyu Wang drm/i915: disable powersave feature for Ironlake currently
2009-10-13 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: Save and restore the GM45 FBC regs on suspend...
2009-10-13 Zhao Yakui drm/i915: Set the LVDS_BORDER when using LVDS scaling...
2009-10-13 Shaohua Li drm/i915: disable FBC for Pineview, fixing a boot hang.
2009-09-29 Chris Wilson drm/i915: Enable irq to trace batch buffer completion.
2009-09-24 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'drm-intel-next' of git://git./linux/kerne...
2009-09-21 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: framebuffer compression for GM45+
2009-09-21 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: split display functions by chip type
2009-09-21 Dave Airlie drm/vgaarb: add VGA arbitration support to the drm...
2009-09-17 Chris Wilson drm/i915: Add ioctl to set 'purgeability' of objects
2009-09-17 Chris Wilson drm/i915: Register a shrinker to free inactive lists...
2009-09-17 Chris Wilson drm/i915: Remove stored gtt_alignment
2009-09-17 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: fix startup hang on some non-mobile platforms
2009-09-17 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: fix suspend/resume breakage in lid notifier
2009-09-17 Ben Gamari drm/i915: Make dev_priv->mm.wedged an atomic_t
2009-09-17 Ben Gamari drm/i915: Implement GPU reset on i965
2009-09-17 Ben Gamari drm/i915: Add hangcheck timer
2009-09-17 Ben Gamari drm/i915: make i915_seqno_passed non-static
2009-09-17 Ben Gamari drm/i915: Refactor save/restore code
2009-09-11 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: framebuffer compression for pre-GM45
2009-09-10 Jesse Barnes drm/i915: force mode set at lid open time
2009-09-10 Li Peng Add G33 series in VGA hotplug support category
2009-09-09 Fabian Henze drm/i915: add B43 chipset support
2009-09-08 Dave Airlie drm/i915: get the bridge device once.