PCI: export SMBIOS provided firmware instance and label to sysfs
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / firmware / dmi_scan.c
2010-07-30 Narendra K PCI: export SMBIOS provided firmware instance and label...
2010-03-30 Tejun Heo include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to...
2009-12-15 Joe Perches drivers/firmware/dmi_scan.c: use %pUB to print UUIDs
2009-12-05 Dmitry Torokhov DMI: allow omitting ident strings in DMI tables
2009-09-09 Tejun Heo dmi: extend dmi_get_year() to dmi_get_date()
2009-09-09 Tejun Heo dmi: fix date handling in dmi_get_year()
2009-06-10 Shane Huang [libata] ahci: Restore SB600 SATA controller 64 bit DMA
2009-03-30 Jean Delvare dmi: Let dmi_walk() users pass private data
2009-01-27 Rafael J. Wysocki DMI: Introduce dmi_first_match to make the interface...
2009-01-06 Randy Dunlap dmi: fix kernel-doc notation
2008-12-29 Jiri Slaby DMI: add dmi_match
2008-12-23 Ingo Molnar Merge branches 'x86/apic', 'x86/cleanups', 'x86/cpufeat...
2008-11-07 Alan Cox trivial: dmi_scan typo
2008-11-04 Alok Kataria x86: vmware: look for DMI string in the product serial key
2008-09-18 Ingo Molnar dmi scan: warn about too early calls to dmi_check_system()
2008-05-25 Paul Jackson x86 boot: add header comment to dmi.h stating what...
2008-04-04 Carol Hebert ipmi: change device node ordering to reflect probe...
2008-02-24 Jean Delvare dmi: prevent linked list corruption
2008-02-24 Jean Delvare dmi: don't save the same device twice
2008-02-08 Wim Van Sebroeck SMBIOS/DMI: add type 41 = Onboard Devices Extended...
2008-02-08 Jean Delvare dmi: Let drivers walk the DMI table
2008-02-03 Len Brown DMI: remove duplicate helper routine
2008-01-30 Yinghai Lu x86: left over fix for leak of early_ioremp in dmi_scan
2008-01-30 Ingo Molnar x86: fix DMI ioremap leak
2008-01-30 Parag Warudkar x86: fix DMI out of memory problems
2008-01-24 Len Brown DMI: create dmi_get_slot()
2007-10-10 Jeff Garzik drivers/firmware: const-ify DMI API and internals
2007-07-11 Lennart Poettering DMI-based module autoloading
2006-10-21 Andi Kleen [PATCH] i386: Disable nmi watchdog on all ThinkPads
2006-09-29 Shem Multinymous [PATCH] DMI: Decode and save OEM String information
2006-06-25 Randy Dunlap [PATCH] DMI: cleanup kernel-doc, add to DocBook
2006-04-14 Bjorn Helgaas [PATCH] DMI: move dmi_scan.c from arch/i386 to drivers...