dmaengine: DMA engine driver for Marvell XOR engine
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / dma / Kconfig
2008-07-08 Saeed Bishara dmaengine: DMA engine driver for Marvell XOR engine
2008-07-08 Dan Williams dmaengine: remove arch dependency from DMADEVICES
2008-04-17 Zhang Wei fsldma: Remove CONFIG_FSL_DMA_SELFTEST, keep fsl_dma_se...
2008-03-04 Zhang Wei dmaengine: add driver for Freescale MPC85xx DMA controller
2008-02-06 Dan Williams async_tx: kill tx_set_src and tx_set_dest methods
2007-11-29 Haavard Skinnemoen dmaengine: correct invalid assumptions in the Kconfig...
2007-10-30 Andi Kleen Remove bogus default y for DMAR and NET_DMA
2007-10-16 Shannon Nelson I/OAT: Add DCA services
2007-07-16 Dan Williams dma-mapping: prevent dma dependent code from linking...
2007-07-13 Dan Williams dmaengine: driver for the iop32x, iop33x, and iop13xx...
2007-07-13 Dan Williams async_tx: add the async_tx api
2007-05-10 Martin Schwidefsky [S390] Kconfig: unwanted menus for s390.
2006-06-18 Chris Leech [I/OAT]: Setup the networking subsystem as a DMA client
2006-06-18 Chris Leech [I/OAT]: Driver for the Intel(R) I/OAT DMA engine
2006-06-18 Chris Leech [I/OAT]: DMA memcpy subsystem