ramoops: move dump_oops into platform data
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / char / ramoops.c
2011-07-26 Sergiu Iordache ramoops: move dump_oops into platform data
2011-07-26 Marco Stornelli ramoops: add new line to each print
2011-07-26 Marco Stornelli ramoops: use module parameters instead of platform...
2011-01-13 Andrew Morton ramoops: fix types, remove typecasts
2011-01-13 Seiji Aguchi kmsg_dump: constrain mtdoops and ramoops to perform...
2010-12-28 Ahmed S. Darwish RAMOOPS: Don't overflow over non-allocated regions
2010-10-28 Kyungmin Park ramoops: use the platform data structure instead of...
2010-05-27 Marco Stornelli char drivers: RAM oops/panic logger