Merge branch 'linus' into sfi-release
[linux-2.6.git] / drivers / acpi / power.c
2009-09-19 Len Brown Merge branch 'linus' into sfi-release
2009-09-09 Rafael J. Wysocki ACPI PM: Replace wakeup.prepared with reference counter
2009-08-28 Len Brown ACPI: Move definition of PREFIX from acpi_bus.h to...
2009-05-28 Bjorn Helgaas ACPI: don't check power state after _ON/_OFF
2009-04-05 Len Brown Merge branch 'acpi-modparam' into release
2009-04-02 Rusty Russell ACPI: simplify module_param namespace
2009-03-27 Bjorn Helgaas ACPI: call acpi_power_init() explicitly rather than...
2008-12-31 Lin Ming ACPI: power.c: call acpi_get_name to get node name
2008-11-12 Len Brown Merge branch 'power' into release
2008-11-08 Bjorn Helgaas ACPI: consolidate ACPI_*_COMPONENT definitions in acpi_...
2008-10-28 Zhao Yakui ACPI: fan: Delete the strict check in power transition
2008-10-28 Zhao Yakui ACPI: fix de-reference bug in power resource driver
2008-10-23 Len Brown Merge branch 'ull' into test
2008-10-23 Len Brown Merge branch 'misc' into test
2008-10-22 Zhao Yakui ACPI: Add "acpi.power_nocheck=1" to disable power state...
2008-10-22 Zhao Yakui ACPI: Get the device power state in the course of scann...
2008-10-11 Matthew Wilcox ACPI: Change acpi_evaluate_integer to support 64-bit...
2008-10-10 Pavel Machek ACPI: catch calls of acpi_driver_data on pointer of...
2008-07-07 Rafael J. Wysocki ACPI: Introduce new device wakeup flag 'prepared'
2008-07-07 Rafael J. Wysocki ACPI: Introduce acpi_device_sleep_wake function
2008-04-30 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'release' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-04-29 Denis V. Lunev acpi: use non-racy method for proc entries creation
2008-04-29 Li Zefan ACPI: check a return value correctly in acpi_power_get_...
2008-02-07 Miguel Botón ACPI: remove duplicated warning message
2007-10-25 Alexey Starikovskiy ACPI: power: don't cache power resource state
2007-07-23 Thomas Renninger ACPI: autoload modules - Create __mod_acpi_device_table...
2007-03-10 Len Brown Pull misc-for-upstream into release branch
2007-03-07 Konstantin Karasyov ACPI: ThinkPad Z60m: usb mouse stops working after...
2007-02-21 Konstantin Karasyov ACPI: fix S3 fan resume issue
2007-02-17 Len Brown Pull bugzilla-7570 into release branch
2007-02-17 Len Brown Pull bugzilla-7122 into release branch
2007-02-16 Konstantin Karasyov ACPI: fix fan after resume from S3
2007-02-16 Len Brown ACPI: update acpi_power_resume() per new acpi_op_resume
2007-02-16 Konstantin Karasyov ACPI: Thermal issues on HP nx6325
2007-02-13 Len Brown ACPI: delete extra #defines in /drivers/acpi/ drivers
2007-02-13 Len Brown ACPI: fix usage
2007-02-13 Len Brown ACPI: clean up ACPI_MODULE_NAME() use
2006-12-20 Burman Yan ACPI: replace kmalloc+memset with kzalloc
2006-12-16 Len Brown Pull style into test branch
2006-10-14 Dmitry Torokhov ACPI: fix potential OOPS in power driver with CONFIG_AC...
2006-10-14 Jan Engelhardt ACPI: Remove unnecessary from/to-void* and to-void...
2006-07-10 Arjan van de Ven ACPI: add 'const' to several ACPI file_operations
2006-06-30 Patrick Mochel ACPI: power: Remove unneeded acpi_handle from driver.
2006-06-30 Patrick Mochel ACPI: power: Use acpi_device's handle instead of driver's
2006-06-30 Patrick Mochel ACPI: power: add struct acpi_device to struct acpi_powe...
2006-06-27 Patrick Mochel ACPI: delete tracing macros from drivers/acpi/*.c
2006-06-27 Len Brown ACPI: un-export ACPI_ERROR() -- use printk(KERN_ERR...)
2006-06-27 Len Brown ACPI: un-export ACPI_WARNING() -- use printk(KERN_WARNI...
2006-06-27 Thomas Renninger ACPI: Enable ACPI error messages w/o CONFIG_ACPI_DEBUG
2005-08-05 Len Brown [ACPI] Lindent all ACPI files
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2