[PATCH] knfsd: ratelimit some nfsd messages that are triggered by external events
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / um /
2007-01-26 Jeff Dike [PATCH] Fix UML on non-standard VM split hosts
2006-12-13 Robert P. J. Day [PATCH] getting rid of all casts of k[cmz]alloc() calls
2006-12-13 Peter Zijlstra [PATCH] uml: fix net_kern workqueue abuse
2006-12-12 Yan Burman um: replace kmalloc+memset with kzalloc
2006-12-08 Alan Cox [PATCH] tty: switch to ktermios
2006-12-08 Jeff Dike [PATCH] UML: add generic BUG support
2006-12-08 Peter Zijlstra [PATCH] tty: ->signal->tty locking
2006-12-07 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: use get_random_bytes() after random pool...
2006-12-07 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: size register files correctly
2006-12-07 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: include asm/page.h in order to get PAGE_SHIFT
2006-12-07 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: include stddef.h correctly
2006-12-07 Andrew Morton [PATCH] uml: workqueue build fix
2006-12-05 David Howells WorkQueue: Fix up arch-specific work items where possible
2006-12-03 Al Viro [NET]: UML checksum annotations and cleanups.
2006-11-30 Jan Engelhardt Fix typos in doc and comments
2006-11-25 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: make execvp safe for our usage
2006-11-03 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: include tidying
2006-11-03 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: fix I/O hang
2006-10-31 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: add _text definition to linker scripts
2006-10-31 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml ubd driver: various little changes
2006-10-31 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml ubd driver: do not store error codes as...
2006-10-31 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml ubd driver: use bitfields where possible
2006-10-31 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml ubd driver: reformat ubd_config
2006-10-31 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml ubd driver: convert do_ubd to a boolean...
2006-10-31 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml ubd driver: ubd_io_lock usage fixup
2006-10-31 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml ubd driver: change ubd_lock to be a mutex
2006-10-31 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml ubd driver: give better names to some funct...
2006-10-31 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml ubd driver: var renames
2006-10-31 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml ubd driver: document some struct fields
2006-10-31 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml ubd driver: allow using up to 16 UBD devices
2006-10-30 akpm@osdl.org [PATCH] uml: fix compilation options for USER_OBJS
2006-10-30 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] Fix "Remove the use of _syscallX macros in...
2006-10-25 Al Viro [PATCH] uml: mconsole fixes
2006-10-20 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: mmapper - remove just added but wrong...
2006-10-20 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: kconfig - silence warning
2006-10-20 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: cleanup run_helper() API to fix a leak
2006-10-20 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: use DEFCONFIG_LIST to avoid reading host...
2006-10-20 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: reenable compilation of enable_timer,...
2006-10-20 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: code convention cleanup of a file
2006-10-20 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: split memory allocation prototypes out...
2006-10-20 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: MODE_TT is bust
2006-10-15 Ulrich Drepper [PATCH] make UML compile (FC6/x86-64)
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: allow finer tuning for host VMSPLIT setting
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: deprecate CONFIG_MODE_TT
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: remove duplicate export
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: asm offsets duplication removal
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: allow using again x86/x86_64 crypto code
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: declare in Kconfig our partial LOCKDEP...
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: fix uname under setarch i386
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: make UML_SETJMP always safe
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: make TT mode compile after setjmp-related...
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: readd forgot prototype
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: correct removal of pte_mkexec
2006-10-11 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: revert wrong patch
2006-10-10 Al Viro [PATCH] missed const in prototype
2006-10-09 David Howells IRQ: Use the new typedef for interrupt handler function...
2006-10-08 Al Viro [PATCH] uml pt_regs fixes
2006-10-08 Ralf Baechle handle_sysrq lost its pt_regs * argument
2006-10-06 Pekka Enberg [PATCH] um: irq changes break build
2006-10-04 Dave Jones Remove all inclusions of <linux/config.h>
2006-10-03 Matt LaPlante more misc typo fixes
2006-10-03 Matt LaPlante Attack of "the the"s in arch
2006-10-02 Arnd Bergmann [PATCH] Remove the use of _syscallX macros in UML
2006-10-02 Arnd Bergmann [PATCH] rename the provided execve functions to kernel_...
2006-10-02 Serge E. Hallyn [PATCH] namespaces: utsname: use init_utsname when...
2006-10-02 Serge E. Hallyn [PATCH] namespaces: utsname: switch to using uts namespaces
2006-10-02 Serge E. Hallyn [PATCH] nsproxy: move init_nsproxy into kernel/nsproxy.c
2006-10-02 Serge E. Hallyn [PATCH] namespaces: add nsproxy
2006-10-02 Jeff Dike [PATCH] const struct tty_operations
2006-09-30 Jens Axboe [PATCH] Remove ->rq_status from struct request
2006-09-29 Ollie Wild [PATCH] uml build fix
2006-09-29 Atsushi Nemoto [PATCH] simplify update_times (avoid jiffies/jiffies_64...
2006-09-29 Sukadev Bhattiprolu [PATCH] pidspace: is_init()
2006-09-29 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: remove pte_mkexec
2006-09-29 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: don't roll my own random MAC generator
2006-09-29 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: remove unneeded file
2006-09-29 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: stack consumption reduction
2006-09-29 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: close file descriptor leaks
2006-09-29 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: locking documentation
2006-09-29 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: mechanical tidying after random MACs change
2006-09-29 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: assign random MACs to interfaces if necessary
2006-09-29 Al Viro [IPV4]: annotate struct in_ifaddr
2006-09-27 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: fix allocation size
2006-09-27 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: fix sleep length bug
2006-09-27 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: add an export
2006-09-27 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: file renaming
2006-09-27 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: thread creation tidying
2006-09-27 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: mark some tt-mode code
2006-09-27 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: use correct SIGBUS handler
2006-09-27 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: fix gcov support
2006-09-27 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: fix missing x86_64 register definitions
2006-09-27 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: get rid of ZONE_DMA use
2006-09-27 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: const more data
2006-09-27 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: fix proc-vs-interrupt context spinlock...
2006-09-27 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: use -mcmodel=kernel for x86_64
2006-09-26 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://one.firstfloor.org...
2006-09-26 Alan Cox [PATCH] UML: tty locking
2006-09-26 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: stack usage reduction
2006-09-26 Paolo 'Blaisorblad... [PATCH] uml: clean our set_ether_mac
2006-09-26 Jeff Dike [PATCH] uml: Remove unused variable