Add 'discard' request handling
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / sparc
2008-09-12 David S. Miller sparc: Fix user_regset 'n' field values.
2008-09-11 David S. Miller sparc32: Fix function signature of of_bus_sbus_get_flags().
2008-08-29 David S. Miller sparc: Fix resource flags for PCI children in OF device...
2008-08-28 David S. Miller sparc32: Implement smp_call_function_single().
2008-08-25 Martin Habets sparc: Add target for a stripped kernel
2008-08-13 David S. Miller sparc64: Implement IRQ stacks.
2008-08-13 Stephen Rothwell sparc: remove include of linux/of_device.h from asm...
2008-08-07 Stephen Rothwell sparc: don't use asm/of_device.h
2008-08-07 Stephen Rothwell of/sparc: remove include of linux/of_platform.h from...
2008-08-01 David S. Miller sparc: Add __KERNEL__ ifdef protection to pt_regs helpers.
2008-07-31 David S. Miller sparc64: Hook up trigger_all_cpu_backtrace().
2008-07-31 David S. Miller sparc64: Make global reg dumping even more useful.
2008-07-30 Mikael Pettersson sparc64: FUTEX_OP_ANDN fix
2008-07-30 Stephen Rothwell sparc: merge of_platform_{32,64}.h
2008-07-30 David S. Miller sparc64: Kill isa_bus_type.
2008-07-28 David S. Miller sparc: Set CONFIG_HAVE_ARCH_TRACEHOOK
2008-07-28 David S. Miller sparc: Add task_pt_regs().
2008-07-28 David S. Miller sparc: Add call to tracehook_signal_handler().
2008-07-28 David S. Miller sparc: Create and use TIF_NOTIFY_RESUME.
2008-07-28 David S. Miller sparc: Use tracehook routines in syscall_trace().
2008-07-28 David S. Miller sparc: Add user_stack_pointer().
2008-07-28 Roland McGrath sparc64: tracehook: TIF_NOTIFY_RESUME
2008-07-28 David S. Miller sparc: Add asm/syscall.h
2008-07-27 Sam Ravnborg sparc: enable headers_export again
2008-07-27 Sam Ravnborg sparc, sparc64: use arch/sparc/include
2008-07-26 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2008-07-25 David S. Miller sparc: Wire up new system calls.
2008-07-25 Adrian Bunk pty: remove unused UNIX98_PTY_COUNT options
2008-07-24 Ulrich Drepper flag parameters: pipe
2008-07-24 Johannes Weiner mm: drop unneeded pgdat argument from free_area_init_node()
2008-07-22 Stephen Rothwell sparc32: pass -m32 when building
2008-07-19 David Howells sparc: Remove Sparc's asm-offsets for sclow.S
2008-07-18 David S. Miller sparc: Use new '%pS' infrastructure to print symbols.
2008-07-18 Robert Reif sparc32: fix init.c allnoconfig build error
2008-07-18 Stoyan Gaydarov sparc: arch/sparc/kernel/apc.c to unlocked_ioctl
2008-07-18 Sam Ravnborg sparc: export openprom.h to userspace
2008-07-18 Adrian Bunk sparc/mm/: possible cleanups
2008-07-18 Adrian Bunk sparc/kernel/: possible cleanups
2008-07-14 Jonathan Corbet Merge commit 'v2.6.26' into bkl-removal
2008-07-02 Arnd Bergmann sparc-apc: BKL pushdown
2008-06-03 Alexey Dobriyan sparc: switch /proc/led to seq_file
2008-05-20 Adrian Bunk sparc: remove CVS keywords
2008-05-16 Al Viro [PATCH] take init_files to fs/file.c
2008-05-12 David S. Miller sparc: Fix mremap address range validation.
2008-05-12 Robert Reif sparc32: fix rtrap.S typo
2008-05-11 David S. Miller sparc: Fix debugger syscall restart interactions.
2008-05-11 David S. Miller sparc: Fix ptrace() detach.
2008-05-10 David S. Miller sparc32: Don't twiddle PT_DTRACE in exec.
2008-05-08 David S. Miller sparc: Fix SA_ONSTACK signal handling.
2008-05-07 David S. Miller sparc: Fix fork/clone/vfork system call restart.
2008-05-07 David S. Miller sparc: Fix mmap VA span checking.
2008-05-02 David S. Miller sparc32: Delete prom_stdin and prom_stdout.
2008-05-02 David S. Miller sparc32: More memory probing consolidation.
2008-05-02 David S. Miller sparc32: Kill totally unused memory information tables.
2008-04-30 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2008-04-29 Christoph Lameter sparc: use kbuild.h instead of defining macros in asm...
2008-04-29 Benjamin Herrenschmidt iomap: fix 64 bits resources on 32 bits
2008-04-29 David S. Miller sparc: Add kgdb support.
2008-04-29 David S. Miller sparc32: Kill smp_message_pass() and related code.
2008-04-27 David S. Miller sparc: Remove old style signal frame support.
2008-04-24 Adrian Bunk sparc: cleanup after SunOS binary emulation removal
2008-04-22 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2008-04-21 David S. Miller [SPARC]: Remove SunOS and Solaris binary support.
2008-04-20 Jeff Garzik [SPARC] minor irq handler cleanups
2008-04-17 Matthew Wilcox Generic semaphore implementation
2008-04-29 Aneesh Kumar K.V sparc: Export symbols for ZERO_PAGE usage in modules.
2008-04-10 David S. Miller [SPARC]: Fix several regset and ptrace bugs.
2008-03-18 David S. Miller Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-03-18 Al Viro [NET] endianness noise: INADDR_ANY
2008-03-03 David S. Miller [SPARC]: Fix link errors with gcc-4.3
2008-03-03 Harvey Harrison sparc: replace remaining __FUNCTION__ occurances
2008-02-29 David S. Miller [SPARC]: Add reboot_command[] extern decl to asm/system.h
2008-02-29 David S. Miller [SPARC]: Mark linux_sparc_{fpu,chips} static.
2008-02-25 David S. Miller [SPARC]: Fix build in arch/sparc/kernel/led.c
2008-02-19 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2008-02-18 David S. Miller [SPARC]: Kill 'prom_palette'.
2008-02-18 David S. Miller [SPARC]: Kill extern decl of 'panic_setup'.
2008-02-13 Peter Zijlstra xtime_lock vs update_process_times
2008-02-13 Robert P. J. Day [SPARC]: Use shorter form of "get_zeroed_page".
2008-02-10 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2008-02-09 David S. Miller [SPARC]: Merge asm-sparc{,64}/cache.h
2008-02-09 David S. Miller [SPARC]: Kill BSD errno translation table and header...
2008-02-09 Stephen Rothwell [SPARC]: Remove of_platform_device_create
2008-02-09 Sam Ravnborg ide: introduce HAVE_IDE
2008-02-08 Martin Schwidefsky CONFIG_HIGHPTE vs. sub-page page tables.
2008-02-08 H. Peter Anvin avoid overflows in kernel/time.c
2008-02-08 David Howells aout: remove unnecessary inclusions of {asm, linux...
2008-02-08 David Howells aout: suppress A.OUT library support if !CONFIG_ARCH_SU...
2008-02-08 David Howells aout: mark arches that support A.OUT format
2008-02-07 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2008-02-07 Bernhard Walle Introduce flags for reserve_bootmem()
2008-02-07 David S. Miller [SPARC32]: Use regsets in arch_ptrace().
2008-02-07 David S. Miller [SPARC]: Move over to arch_ptrace().
2008-02-07 David S. Miller [SPARC]: Remove PTRACE_SUN* handling.
2008-02-07 David S. Miller [SPARC]: Kill DEBUG_PTRACE code.
2008-02-07 David S. Miller [SPARC32]: Add user regset support.
2008-02-06 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/davem/sparc-2.6
2008-02-06 Adrian Bunk calibrate_delay() must be __cpuinit
2008-02-06 David S. Miller [SPARC]: Add new timerfd syscall entries.
2008-02-05 Davide Libenzi timerfd: new timerfd API