powerpc: Convert confirm_error_lock to raw_spinlock
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / powerpc / platforms / pseries / eeh.c
2010-02-19 Thomas Gleixner powerpc: Convert confirm_error_lock to raw_spinlock
2010-02-17 Breno Leitao powerpc/eeh: Fix a bug when pci structure is null
2009-09-09 Mike Mason PCI/powerpc: support PCIe fundamental reset
2008-11-05 Benjamin Herrenschmidt powerpc/eeh: Make EEH device add/remove more robust
2008-07-22 Mike Mason powerpc/eeh: Don't panic when EEH_MAX_FAILS is exceeded
2008-07-09 Mike Mason powerpc/eeh: PERR/SERR bit settings during EEH device...
2008-04-29 Denis V. Lunev powerpc: use non-racy method for proc entries creation
2008-04-24 Michael Ellerman [POWERPC] Add CONFIG_PPC_PSERIES_DEBUG to enable debugg...
2008-04-07 Nathan Lynch [POWERPC] Convert pci and eeh code to of_device_is_avai...
2008-01-17 Stephen Rothwell [POWERPC] eeh.c: Use for_each_child_of_node
2007-12-03 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH: Be careful when identifying "empty"...
2007-12-03 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH: Work with device endpoint, always
2007-11-08 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH: Make sure warning message is printed
2007-11-08 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH: Avoid crash on null device
2007-10-02 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] pseries: device node status can be "ok" or...
2007-08-17 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] pseries: Remove dead EEH video code
2007-08-17 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH: Dump PCI bridge status on event
2007-08-17 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH: Tweak printk message
2007-06-14 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] Tweak EEH copyright info
2007-06-14 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] Remove dead EEH code
2007-06-14 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] Show EEH per-device false positives
2007-06-14 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] Add EEH sysfs blinkenlights
2007-05-10 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] Assorted janitorial EEH cleanups
2007-05-09 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH: log all PCI-X and PCI-E AER registers
2007-05-09 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH: capture and log pci state on error
2007-05-08 Brian King [POWERPC] Add powerpc PCI-E reset API implementation
2007-04-12 Stephen Rothwell [POWERPC] Rename get_property to of_get_property: arch...
2007-03-22 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH: restructure multi-function support
2007-03-22 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH: verify state change
2007-03-22 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH: rm un-needed data
2007-03-22 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH: wait for slot status
2007-03-22 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH: handle reset state high
2007-03-22 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH: support ibm,get-config-addr-info2 RTAS...
2007-03-22 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH: Tolerate high mmio
2007-03-22 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH: modify order of EEH state checking
2007-02-12 Arjan van de Ven [PATCH] mark struct file_operations const 2
2007-02-07 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] pSeries: EEH improperly enabled for some...
2006-12-08 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH recovery tweaks
2006-09-26 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH failure to mark pci slot as frozen.
2006-09-22 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH: Power4 systems sometimes need multiple...
2006-09-21 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH: enable MMIO/DMA on frozen slot
2006-09-21 Linas Vepstas [POWERPC] EEH: code comment cleanup
2006-07-31 Jeremy Kerr [POWERPC] pseries: Constify & voidify get_property()
2006-04-13 Linas Vepstas [PATCH] powerpc/pseries: bugfix: balance calls to pci_d...
2006-04-01 Nathan Fontenot [PATCH] powerpc/pseries: EEH Cleanup
2006-03-28 Benjamin Herrenschmidt [PATCH] powerpc: Kill _machine and hard-coded platform...
2006-02-28 John Rose [PATCH] powerpc: fix dynamic PCI probe regression
2006-01-12 Olof Johansson [PATCH] powerpc: remove warning in EEH code
2006-01-10 linas [PATCH] powerpc/pseries: dlpar-add crash on null pointe...
2006-01-10 Linas Vepstas [PATCH] powerpc: get rid of per_cpu EEH counters
2006-01-10 Linas Vepstas [PATCH] powerpc: Save device BARs much earlier in the...
2006-01-10 Linas Vepstas [PATCH] powerpc: handle multifunction PCI devices properly
2006-01-10 Linas Vepstas [PATCH] powerpc: Don't continue with PCI Error recovery...
2006-01-10 Linas Vepstas [PATCH] powerpc: set up the RTAS token just like the...
2006-01-10 Linas Vepstas [PATCH] powerpc: Use PE configuration address consistently
2006-01-10 Linas Vepstas [PATCH] powerpc: Remove duplicate code
2006-01-10 Linas Vepstas [PATCH] powerpc: remove bogus printk
2006-01-10 Linas Vepstas [PATCH] powerpc: Add "partitionable endpoint" support
2006-01-10 Linas Vepstas [PATCH] powerpc: Split out PCI address cache to its...
2006-01-10 Linas Vepstas [PATCH] powerpc: PCI Error Recovery: PPC64 core recover...
2006-01-09 Linas Vepstas [PATCH] powerpc: PCI hotplug common code elimination
2005-11-17 David Woodhouse [PATCH] Avoid use of uninitialised spinlock in EEH.
2005-11-10 Linas Vepstas [PATCH] ppc64: mark failed devices
2005-11-10 Paul Mackerras powerpc: Fix compile error in EEH code with gcc4
2005-11-10 Paul Mackerras [PATCH] powerpc: merge code values for identifying...
2005-11-10 Linas Vepstas [PATCH] ppc64: Save & restore of PCI device BARS
2005-11-10 Linas Vepstas [PATCH] ppc64: PCI reset support routines
2005-11-10 Linas Vepstas [PATCH] ppc64: PCI error event dispatcher
2005-11-10 Linas Vepstas [PATCH] ppc64: move eeh.c to powerpc directory from...