powerpc/4xx: Sequoia: Enable NAND support
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / powerpc / boot / dts / sequoia.dts
2009-06-04 Stefan Roese powerpc/4xx: Sequoia: Enable NAND support
2009-01-07 Vitaly Bordug USB: powerpc: Workaround for the PPC440EPX USBH_23...
2008-09-09 Matthias Fuchs powerpc/44x: Add hwmon support to Sequoia device tree
2008-07-09 Grant Erickson ibm_newemac: Parameterize EMAC Multicast Match Handling
2008-05-29 David Gibson [POWERPC] Convert remaining dts-v0 files to v1
2008-05-06 Christian Ehrhardt [POWERPC] 4xx: Fix PCI mem in sequoia DTS
2008-04-05 Stefan Roese [POWERPC] 4xx: Change dts files to support jumbo frames
2008-03-26 David Gibson [POWERPC] Start removing linux,network-index in favour...
2008-02-16 Stefan Roese [POWERPC] 4xx: Remove "i2c" and "xxmii-interface" devic...
2008-02-07 Valentine Barshak [POWERPC] 4xx: Add 440EPx Sequoia ehci dts entry
2007-12-23 Stefan Roese [POWERPC] 4xx: Add aliases node to 4xx dts files
2007-12-23 Josh Boyer [POWERPC] 4xx: Rename CPU nodes to avoid dtc incompatib...
2007-12-23 Valentine Barshak [POWERPC] 44x: Sequoia and Rainier updates for 2.6.25
2007-12-23 Valentine Barshak [POWERPC] 4xx: Add PCI entry to 440EPx Sequoia DTS.
2007-12-23 Valentine Barshak [POWERPC] 4xx: 440EPx Sequoia USB OHCI DTS entry
2007-12-07 Benjamin Herrenschmidt ibm_newemac: Cleanup/fix support for STACR register...
2007-12-07 Benjamin Herrenschmidt ibm_newemac: Cleanup/Fix RGMII MDIO support detection
2007-10-19 Valentine Barshak [POWERPC] 4xx: Add RGMII support for Sequoia 440EPx
2007-09-20 Valentine Barshak [POWERPC] 4xx: Fix Sequoia MAL0 and EMAC dts entries.
2007-09-20 Josh Boyer [POWERPC] 4xx: Convert Seqouia flash mappings to new...
2007-09-07 Valentine Barshak [POWERPC] PowerPC 440EPx: Sequoia device tree