mn10300: use bcd2bin/bin2bcd
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / parisc / Makefile
2008-03-16 Adrian Bunk [PARISC] move defconfig to arch/parisc/configs/
2007-12-06 Kyle McMartin Revert "[PARISC] import necessary bits of libgcc.a"
2007-10-20 Kyle McMartin [PARISC] Make palo target work when $obj != $src
2007-10-20 Kyle McMartin [PARISC] Fix tests in palo target
2007-10-18 Kyle McMartin [PARISC] Fix palo target
2007-10-18 Kyle McMartin [PARISC] Restore palo target
2007-10-18 Kyle McMartin [PARISC] Attempt to clean up parisc/Makefile
2007-10-18 Kyle McMartin [PARISC] import necessary bits of libgcc.a
2007-10-14 Sam Ravnborg kbuild: enable 'make CFLAGS=...' to add additional...
2006-12-08 Grant Grundler [PARISC] Remove GCC_VERSION usage as suggested by Adria...
2005-10-22 Randolph Chung [PARISC] Update minimum compiler version and CROSS_COMP...
2005-10-22 Randolph Chung [PARISC] Disable use of fpregs in pa_memcpy
2005-09-09 Sam Ravnborg kbuild: m68k,parisc,ppc,ppc64,s390,xtensa use generic...
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2