Merge branch 'x86-mm-for-linus' of git://
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / mn10300 /
2009-09-02 David Howells KEYS: Add a keyctl to install a process's session keyri...
2009-08-10 Jaswinder Singh... MN10300: includecheck fix: mn10300, pci.h
2009-07-27 Benjamin Herrenschmidt mm: Pass virtual address to [__]p{te,ud,md}_free_tlb()
2009-07-17 Tim Abbott restructure BSS linker script macros
2009-07-13 Huang Weiyi mn10300: remove duplicated #include
2009-07-12 Alexey Dobriyan headers: smp_lock.h redux
2009-07-10 Peter Zijlstra sched: INIT_PREEMPT_COUNT
2009-07-08 Joe Perches Remove multiple KERN_ prefixes from printk formats
2009-07-06 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-07-04 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/sam/kbuild-fixes
2009-07-01 David Howells MN10300: Wire up new syscalls
2009-06-29 Fernando Luis V... PCI: remove pci_dac_dma_... APIs on mn10300
2009-06-26 Tim Abbott asm-generic/ shuffle INIT_TASK* macro...
2009-06-22 David Howells MN10300: Fix the vmlinux ldscript
2009-06-21 Linus Torvalds Move FAULT_FLAG_xyz into handle_mm_fault() callers
2009-06-18 Mark Salter MN10300: Add support for new ELF relocs in kernel modules
2009-06-18 Oleg Nesterov ptrace: remove PT_DTRACE from avr32, mn10300, parisc...
2009-06-17 Matthew Wilcox Delete pcibios_select_root
2009-06-17 Randy Dunlap kmap_types: make most arches use generic header file
2009-06-17 Alexey Dobriyan mm: consolidate init_mm definition
2009-06-14 Jaswinder Singh... headers_check fix: mn10300, setup.h
2009-06-14 Jaswinder Singh... headers_check fix: mn10300, ptrace.h
2009-06-13 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2009-06-12 Rusty Russell module: cleanup FIXME comments about trimming exception...
2009-06-12 Arnd Bergmann asm-generic: merge branch 'master' of torvalds/linux-2.6
2009-06-11 Arnd Bergmann asm-generic: rename atomic.h to atomic-long.h
2009-06-11 Arnd Bergmann asm-generic: introduce asm/bitsperlong.h
2009-06-11 Arnd Bergmann asm-generic: rename termios.h, signal.h and mman.h
2009-06-11 David Howells MN10300: Add utrace/tracehooks support
2009-06-11 David Howells MN10300: Don't set the dirty bit in the DTLB entries...
2009-04-26 Tim Abbott mn10300: convert to use __HEAD and HEAD_TEXT macros.
2009-04-24 David Howells MN10300: Update the ASB2303 defconfig
2009-04-15 David Howells MN10300: Stop gcc from generating uninitialised variabl...
2009-04-15 David Howells MN10300: Wire up missing system calls
2009-04-15 David Howells MN10300: Discard duplicate PFN_xxx() macros
2009-04-10 David Howells Separate out the proc- and unit-specific header directo...
2009-04-10 David Howells Move arch headers from include/asm-mn10300/ to arch...
2009-04-09 David Howells MN10300: Kill MN10300's own profiling Kconfig
2009-04-09 Thomas Gleixner MN10300: Convert obsolete no_irq_type to no_irq_chip
2009-04-03 Alexey Dobriyan Simplify copy_thread()
2009-03-30 Rusty Russell cpumask: remove references to struct irqaction's mask...
2009-03-27 Ingo Molnar Merge branch 'core/percpu' into percpu-cpumask-x86...
2009-03-23 Thomas Gleixner Merge branch 'cpus4096' into irq/threaded
2009-03-16 Ingo Molnar Merge branches 'irq/genirq' and 'linus' into irq/core
2009-02-22 Ingo Molnar Merge branch 'linus' into x86/apic
2009-02-21 Wei Yongjun mn10300: fix typo ...
2009-02-21 David Howells mn10300: fix oprofile
2009-02-13 Ingo Molnar Merge branches 'irq/genirq', 'irq/sparseirq' and 'irq...
2009-01-21 Ingo Molnar Merge commit 'v2.6.29-rc2' into perfcounters/core
2009-01-21 Ingo Molnar Merge branch 'x86/mm' into core/percpu
2009-01-15 Mike Travis irq: update all arches for new irq_desc, fix
2009-01-14 Heiko Carstens [CVE-2009-0029] Rename old_readdir to sys_old_readdir
2009-01-11 Yinghai Lu sparseirq: use kstat_irqs_cpu instead
2008-12-31 Al Viro take init_fs to saner place
2008-12-10 Akira Takeuchi MN10300: Give correct size when reserving interrupt...
2008-12-10 Akira Takeuchi MN10300: Fix the preemption resume_kernel() routine
2008-12-10 Akira Takeuchi MN10300: Discard low-priority Tx interrupts when closin...
2008-12-10 Cyrill Gorcunov MN10300: cleanup - use PAGE_SIZE, PERCPU...
2008-12-04 David Howells MN10300: Introduce barriers to replace removed volatile...
2008-12-02 Mark Salter MN10300: Fix application of kernel module relocations
2008-11-30 Robert P. J. Day MN10300: Tighten up the code using case ranges
2008-11-12 David Howells MN10300: Don't do misalignment handling for userspace
2008-11-12 David Howells MN10300: Don't handle misaligned loading and storing...
2008-11-12 David Howells MN10300: Handle misaligned SP-based operands
2008-11-12 David Howells MN10300: Fix misaligned index-register addressing handling
2008-11-12 David Howells MN10300: Handle misaligned postinc-with-imm addressing...
2008-11-12 David Howells MN10300: Perform misalignment fixups of MOV_Lcc
2008-11-12 David Howells MN10300: Allow misalignment fixup in interrupt handling
2008-11-12 David Howells MN10300: Fix register-postinc addressing misalignment...
2008-11-12 David Howells MN10300: Extract the displacement from an insn correctl...
2008-11-12 David Howells MN10300: Add further misalignment fixups
2008-11-12 David Howells MN10300: Add built-in testing for misalignment handler
2008-11-12 David Howells MN10300: Clean up the misalignment handler a little
2008-10-20 Adrian Bunk mn10300: use bcd2bin/bin2bcd
2008-10-20 Matt Helsley container freezer: implement freezer cgroup subsystem
2008-10-13 David Woodhouse Merge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-10-01 David Howells MN10300: Fix IRQ handling
2008-09-24 David Howells MN10300: Make sched_clock() report time since boot
2008-09-11 David Howells MN10300: Change the fault handler to check in_atomic...
2008-09-06 David Woodhouse Remove redundant CONFIG_ARCH_SUPPORTS_AOUT
2008-08-23 Adrian Bunk removed unused #include <linux/version.h>'s
2008-08-05 Paul Mundt mn10300: Fix up __bug_table handling in module loader.
2008-08-01 David Howells MN10300: Wire up new system calls
2008-07-26 Johannes Weiner mn10300: use generic show_mem()
2008-07-26 Harvey Harrison mn10300: use the common ascii hex helpers
2008-07-25 Thomas Petazzoni inflate: refactor inflate malloc code
2008-07-24 Johannes Weiner bootmem: replace node_boot_start in struct bootmem_data
2008-07-21 David Howells MN10300: Fix MN10300's serial port driver to get at...
2008-07-04 David Howells mn10300: provide __ucmpdi2() for MN10300
2008-07-04 David Howells mn10300: export certain arch symbols required to build...
2008-06-16 David Howells MN10300: Kill linux/a.out.h inclusions
2008-05-16 Al Viro [PATCH] take init_files to fs/file.c
2008-05-13 Robert P. J. Day mn10300: replace deprecated "TOPDIR" with newer "srctree"
2008-05-11 Linus Torvalds BKL: revert back to the old spinlock implementation
2008-05-03 Ulrich Drepper unified (weak) sys_pipe implementation
2008-04-29 Christoph Lameter mn10300: use kbuild.h instead of defining macros in...
2008-04-29 Benjamin Herrenschmidt iomap: fix 64 bits resources on 32 bits
2008-04-21 Greg Kroah-Hartman PCI: remove initial bios sort of PCI devices on x86
2008-04-17 Matthew Wilcox Generic semaphore implementation
2008-02-24 David Howells MN10300: define HZ as a config option