x86: remove pointless comments
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / ia64 / kernel /
2008-04-18 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'release' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-04-17 Tony Luck Pull miscellaneous into release branch
2008-04-17 Tony Luck Pull nptcg into release branch
2008-04-17 Tony Luck Pull kvm-patches into release branch
2008-04-17 Tony Luck Pull percpureserve into release branch
2008-04-17 Tony Luck Pull regset into release branch
2008-04-17 Tony Luck Pull virt-cpu-accounting into release branch
2008-04-17 Matthew Wilcox Generic semaphore implementation
2008-04-15 Takao Indoh [IA64] kdump: Add crash_save_vmcoreinfo for INIT
2008-04-11 Zoltan Menyhart [IA64] Fix NUMA configuration issue
2008-04-09 S.Caglar Onur [IA64] arch/ia64/kernel/: use time_* macros
2008-04-09 Masami Hiramatsu [IA64] kprobes: kprobe-booster for ia64
2008-04-09 Pavel Emelyanov [IA64] fix getpid and set_tid_address fast system calls...
2008-04-09 Li Zefan [IA64] use goto to jump out do/while_each_thread
2008-04-09 Alan D. Brunelle [IA64] Fix unlock ordering in smp_callin
2008-04-09 Hidetoshi Seto [IA64] kdump: crash.c coding style fix
2008-04-09 Hidetoshi Seto [IA64] kdump: add kdump_on_fatal_mca
2008-04-08 holt@sgi.com [IA64] Minimize per_cpu reservations.
2008-04-04 Fenghua Yu [IA64] Kernel parameter for max number of concurrent...
2008-04-04 Fenghua Yu [IA64] Multiple outstanding ptc.g instruction support
2008-04-03 Xiantao Zhang [IA64] Implement smp_call_function_mask for ia64
2008-04-03 Xiantao Zhang [IA64] Add API for allocating Dynamic TR resource.
2008-03-12 Shaohua Li [IA64] remove duplicate code for register access
2008-03-12 Shaohua Li [IA64] use CORE_DUMP_USE_REGSET
2008-03-12 Shaohua Li [IA64] regset: 32-bit support
2008-03-12 Shaohua Li [IA64] regset: 64-bit support
2008-03-10 Hidetoshi Seto [IA64] cleanup and improve fsys_gettimeofday
2008-03-06 Harvey Harrison [IA64] kprobes arch consolidation build fix
2008-03-06 Simon Horman [IA64] update efi region debugging to use MB, GB and...
2008-03-06 Harvey Harrison [IA64] remove remaining __FUNCTION__ occurrences
2008-03-06 Bjorn Helgaas [IA64] remove CONFIG_SMP ifdef in ia64_send_ipi()
2008-03-05 Petr Tesarik [IA64] arch_ptrace() cleanup
2008-03-05 Petr Tesarik [IA64] remove duplicate code from arch_ptrace()
2008-03-05 Petr Tesarik [IA64] convert sys_ptrace to arch_ptrace
2008-03-05 Petr Tesarik [IA64] remove find_thread_for_addr()
2008-03-05 Petr Tesarik [IA64] do not sync RBS when changing PT_AR_BSP or PT_CFM
2008-03-05 Petr Tesarik [IA64] access user RBS directly
2008-03-04 Adrian Bunk [IA64] fix ia64 kprobes compilation
2008-03-04 Alex Chiang [IA64] workaround tiger ia64_sal_get_physical_id_info...
2008-03-04 Kenji Kaneshige [IA64] Fix irq migration in multiple vector domain
2008-03-04 Shi Weihua [IA64] signal(ia64): add a signal stack overflow check
2008-02-20 Hidetoshi Seto [IA64] VIRT_CPU_ACCOUNTING (accurate cpu time accounting)
2008-02-08 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'release' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-02-08 Russ Anderson [IA64] Fix large MCA bootmem allocation
2008-02-08 Tony Luck [IA64] Simplify cpu_idle_wait
2008-02-08 Petr Tesarik [IA64] Synchronize RBS on PTRACE_ATTACH
2008-02-08 Petr Tesarik [IA64] Synchronize kernel RSE to user-space and back
2008-02-08 Petr Tesarik [IA64] Rename TIF_PERFMON_WORK back to TIF_NOTIFY_RESUME
2008-02-08 Tony Luck [IA64] Wire up timerfd_{create,settime,gettime} syscalls
2008-02-08 Li Zefan time: fix typo in comments
2008-02-07 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'release' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-02-07 Ken'ichi Ohmichi vmcoreinfo: fix the configuration dependencies
2008-02-07 Ken'ichi Ohmichi vmcoreinfo: rename vmcoreinfo's macros returning the...
2008-02-07 Len Brown Merge branches 'release' and 'fluff' into release
2008-02-07 Adrian Bunk ACPI: misc cleanups
2008-02-07 Len Brown Merge branches 'release' and 'throttling-domains' into...
2008-02-07 Len Brown Merge branches 'release', 'misc' and 'misc-2.6.25'...
2008-02-07 Len Brown Merge branches 'release', 'bugzilla-6217', 'bugzilla...
2008-02-06 Adrian Bunk idle_regs() must be __cpuinit
2008-02-06 Adrian Bunk calibrate_delay() must be __cpuinit
2008-02-05 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'release' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2008-02-05 Davide Libenzi timerfd: new timerfd API
2008-02-05 Pavel Emelyanov [IA64] make pfm_get_task work with virtual pids
2008-02-05 Jan Beulich [IA64] honor notify_die() returning NOTIFY_STOP
2008-02-05 Jan Beulich [IA64] remove dead code: __cpu_{down,die} from !HOTPLUG_CPU
2008-02-04 Xiantao Zhang [IA64] ia64_set_psr should use srlz.i
2008-02-04 Zhang, Xiantao [IA64] Export three symbols for module use
2008-02-04 Hidetoshi Seto [IA64] mca style cleanup
2008-02-04 Hidetoshi Seto [IA64] generalize attribute of fsyscall_gtod_data
2008-02-04 Aron Griffis [IA64] efi.c Add /* never reached */ annotation
2008-02-04 Aron Griffis [IA64] efi.c Spelling/punctuation fixes
2008-02-04 Aron Griffis [IA64] Make efi.c mostly fit in 80 columns
2008-02-04 Masami Hiramatsu [IA64] Fix the order of atomic operations in restore_pr...
2008-02-04 Jan Engelhardt [IA64] constify function pointer tables
2008-02-02 Zhao Yakui ACPI: Set _PSD ACPI_PDC_SMP_T_SWCOORD
2008-02-01 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'task_killable' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2008-01-30 travis@sgi.com modules: fold percpu_modcopy into module.c
2008-01-30 travis@sgi.com percpu: make the asm-generic/percpu.h more "generic"
2008-01-28 Sam Ravnborg all archs: consolidate init and exit sections in vmlinu...
2008-01-25 Ingo Molnar sched: remove printk_clock references from ia64
2008-01-25 Ingo Molnar sched: remove printk_clock()
2008-01-25 Greg Kroah-Hartman Kobject: convert arch/* from kobject_unregister() to...
2008-01-25 Greg Kroah-Hartman Kobject: change arch/ia64/kernel/topology.c to use...
2008-01-15 Luck, Tony [IA64] Fix unaligned handler for floating point instruc...
2007-12-19 Hidetoshi Seto [IA64] Adjust CMCI mask on CPU hotplug
2007-12-19 Jan Beulich [IA64] make flush_tlb_kernel_range() an inline function
2007-12-19 Hidetoshi Seto [IA64] Remove assembler warnings on head.S
2007-12-19 Kenji Kaneshige [IA64] Remove compiler warinings about uninitialized...
2007-12-19 Ian Wienand [IA64] set_thread_area fails in IA32 chroot
2007-12-19 Luck, Tony [IA64] print kernel release in OOPS to make kerneloops...
2007-12-19 Shi Weihua [IA64] signal: remove redundant code in setup_sigcontext()
2007-12-14 Len Brown ACPI: tables: complete searching upon RSDP w/ bad checksum.
2007-12-13 Jan Beulich acpi: make __acpi_map_table() and __init function
2007-12-08 Kenji Kaneshige [IA64] Fix iosapic interrupt delivery mode for CPE
2007-12-08 Shaohua Li [IA64] kprobe: make kreturn probe handler stack unwind...
2007-12-08 Roel Kluin [IA64] operator priority fix in acpi_map_lsapic()
2007-12-08 Joe Perches [IA64] Add missing "space" to concatenated strings
2007-12-08 Li Zefan [IA64] make full use of macro efi_md_size
2007-12-08 Bernhard Walle [IA64] rename _bss to __bss_start
2007-12-08 Simon Horman [IA64] iosapic cleanup