sh: romImage support V2
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / blackfin / mach-bf548 / Kconfig
2009-06-12 Graf Yang Blackfin: add support for gptimer0 as a tick source
2009-06-12 Sonic Zhang Blackfin: Allow bf548 ATAPI to be routed to GPIO
2009-01-07 Yi Li Blackfin arch: merge adeos blackfin part to arch/blackfin/
2007-12-24 Cliff Cai [Blackfin] arch: set default value of DEB_DMA_URGENT...
2007-11-15 Mike Frysinger Blackfin arch: split board selection off into mach...
2007-08-03 Michael Hennerich Blackfin arch: Add option to priorize DMA over Core
2007-07-24 Michael Hennerich Blackfin arch: Add PORT_J.High (needed for BF548-EZkit...
2007-07-12 Michael Hennerich Blackfin arch: Enable BF54x PIN/GPIO interrupts
2007-07-12 Roy Huang Blackfin arch: initial supporting for BF548-EZKIT