Blackfin arch: as pointed out by Robert P. J. Day, update the CPU_FREQ name to match...
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / blackfin / kernel / bfin_dma_5xx.c
2007-07-12 Mike Frysinger Blackfin arch: cleanup warnings from checkpatch --...
2007-07-12 Roy Huang Blackfin arch: initial supporting for BF548-EZKIT
2007-06-11 Aubrey Li Blackfin arch: DMA code minor naming convention fix
2007-05-21 Aubrey Li Blackfin arch: dma_memcpy borken for > 64K
2007-05-21 Michael Hennerich Blackfin arch: DMA operation cleanup
2007-05-21 Mike Frysinger Blackfin arch: mark a bunch of local functions as static
2007-05-07 Bryan Wu blackfin architecture