[S390] Fix yet another two section mismatches.
[linux-2.6.git] / arch / arm /
2007-06-11 Ben Dooks [ARM] 4445/1: ANUBIS: Fix CPLD registers
2007-06-11 Ben Dooks [ARM] 4444/2: OSIRIS: CPLD suspend fix
2007-06-11 Ben Dooks [ARM] 4443/1: OSIRIS: Add watchdog device to machine...
2007-06-11 Ben Dooks [ARM] 4442/1: OSIRIS: Fix CPLD register definitions
2007-06-10 Russell King [ARM] VFP: fix section mismatch error
2007-06-02 Russell King [ARM] Solve buggy smp_processor_id() usage
2007-06-02 Andrew Victor [ARM] 4419/1: AT91: SAM9 USB clocks check for suspending
2007-06-02 Andrew Victor [ARM] 4418/1: AT91: Number of programmable clocks differs
2007-06-02 Catalin Marinas [ARM] 4392/2: Do not corrupt the SP register in compres...
2007-06-01 Yoann Padioleau parse errors in ifdefs
2007-05-30 Russell King [ARM] Fix some section mismatch warnings
2007-05-30 Catalin Marinas [ARM] 4394/1: ARMv7: Add the TLB range operations
2007-05-30 Michael-Luke Jones [ARM] 4410/1: Remove extern declarations in coyote...
2007-05-30 Ben Dooks [ARM] 4416/1: NWFPE: fix undeclared symbols
2007-05-30 Ben Dooks [ARM] 4415/1: AML5900: fix sparse warnings from map_io
2007-05-30 Ben Dooks [ARM] 4414/1: S3C2443: sparse fix for clock.c
2007-05-30 Ben Dooks [ARM] 4412/1: S3C2412: reset errata fix
2007-05-30 Russell King [ARM] oprofile: avoid lockdep warnings on mpcore oprofi...
2007-05-30 Russell King [ARM] Fix stacktrace FP range checking
2007-05-30 David Rientjes [ARM] use __used attribute
2007-05-26 Robert P. J. Day [ARM] remove unused header file: arch/arm/mach-s3c2410...
2007-05-26 Michael-Luke Jones [ARM] 4406/1: Trivial NSLU2 / NAS-100D header ...
2007-05-26 Michael-Luke Jones [ARM] 4405/1: NSLU2, DSM-G600 frequency fixup code
2007-05-26 Michael-Luke Jones [ARM] 4404/1: Trivial IXP42x Kconfig cleanup
2007-05-21 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/sam/kbuild-fix
2007-05-21 Linus Torvalds Merge master.kernel.org:/home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
2007-05-21 Alexey Dobriyan Detach sched.h from mm.h
2007-05-20 Simon Arlott [ARM] spelling fixes
2007-05-20 Ben Dooks [ARM] 4400/1: S3C24XX: Add high-speed MMC device definition
2007-05-20 Ben Dooks [ARM] 4399/2: S3C2443: Fix SMDK2443 nand timings
2007-05-20 Ben Dooks [ARM] 4398/1: S3C2443: Fix watchdog IRQ number
2007-05-20 Ben Dooks [ARM] 4396/1: S3C2443: Add missing HCLK clocks
2007-05-20 Ben Dooks [ARM] 4395/1: S3C24XX: add include of <linux/sysdev...
2007-05-20 Greg Ungerer [ARM] 4387/1: fix /proc/cpuinfo formatting for pre...
2007-05-19 Sam Ravnborg all-archs: consolidate .data section definition in...
2007-05-19 Sam Ravnborg all-archs: consolidate .text section definition in...
2007-05-17 Russell King [ARM] ARMv6: add CPU_HAS_ASID configuration
2007-05-17 Russell King [ARM] integrator: fix pci_v3 compile error with DEBUG_LL
2007-05-17 Russell King [ARM] gic: Fix gic cascade irq handling
2007-05-16 Russell King [ARM] Silence OMAP kernel configuration warning
2007-05-16 Russell King [ARM] Update ARM syscalls
2007-05-16 Sandeep Sanjay Patil [ARM] 4384/1: S3C2412/13 SPI registers offset correction
2007-05-16 Dan Williams [ARM] 4383/1: iop: fix usage of '__init' and 'inline...
2007-05-16 Dan Williams [ARM] 4382/1: iop13xx: fix msi support
2007-05-16 Russell King [ARM] Remove Integrator/CP SMP platform support
2007-05-16 Milan Svoboda [ARM] 4376/1: Selects GENERIC_GPIO for ARCH_IXP4XX...
2007-05-16 Richard Purdie [ARM] 4375/1: sharpsl_pm: Fix compile warnings
2007-05-16 Al Viro arm: walk_stacktrace() needs to be exported
2007-05-12 Russell King Merge branch 'fixes' into devel
2007-05-12 Russell King Merge branch 'omap-fixes' into fixes
2007-05-12 Russell King [ARM] Ensure machine class menu is sorted alphabetically
2007-05-11 Andrew Victor [ARM] 4333/2: KS8695: Micrel Development board
2007-05-11 Andrew Victor [ARM] 4331/3: Support for Micrel/Kendin KS8695 processor
2007-05-11 Andrew Victor [ARM] 4371/1: AT91: Support for Atmel AT91SAM9RL-EK...
2007-05-11 Andrew Victor [ARM] 4372/1: Define byte sizes in asm-arm/sizes.h
2007-05-11 Andrew Victor [ARM] 4370/3: AT91: Support for Atmel AT91SAM9RL proces...
2007-05-11 Russell King [ARM] Update mach-types
2007-05-11 Frederik Deweerdt [ARM] export symbol csum_partial_copy_from_user
2007-05-11 Daniel Wolstenholme [ARM] iop13xx: msi support
2007-05-11 Andrew Morton [ARM] stacktrace fix
2007-05-11 Thomas Gleixner [ARM] Spinlock initializer cleanup
2007-05-11 Robert P. J. Day [ARM] remove useless config option GENERIC_BUST_SPINLOCK
2007-05-11 Kevin Hilman [ARM] 4303/3: base kernel support for TI DaVinci
2007-05-11 Arnaud Patard [ARM] 4368/1: S3C24xx: build fix
2007-05-11 Andrew Victor [ARM] 4364/1: AT91: LEDS on AT91SAM9261-EK
2007-05-11 Russell King [ARM] EBSA110: fix build errors caused by missing ...
2007-05-11 Arnaud Patard [ARM] 4359/3: H1940: Add bluetooth support
2007-05-11 Graeme Gregory [ARM] 4365/1: Add AC97 clock to s3c2443 machine
2007-05-11 Jürgen Schindele [ARM] 4362/1: trizeps4 update
2007-05-11 Russell King [ARM] ecard: add ecardm_iomap() / ecardm_iounmap()
2007-05-11 Russell King [ARM] ecard: add helper function for setting ecard...
2007-05-10 Tony Lindgren ARM: OMAP: Fix section mismatch warning
2007-05-10 Kyungmin Park ARM: OMAP: 24xx pinmux updates
2007-05-10 Tony Lindgren ARM: OMAP: Remove old PM_SUSPEND_DISK
2007-05-10 Tony Lindgren ARM: OMAP: Fix warning in dma.c
2007-05-09 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of /home/rmk/linux-2.6-arm
2007-05-09 Russell King Merge branches 'armv7', 'at91', 'misc' and 'omap' into...
2007-05-09 David Brownell ARM: OMAP: Fix GCC-reported compile time bug
2007-05-09 David Brownell ARM: OMAP: restore CONFIG_GENERIC_TIME
2007-05-09 David Brownell ARM: OMAP: partial LED fixes
2007-05-09 Imre Deak ARM: OMAP: add SoSSI clock (call propagate_rate for...
2007-05-09 Imre Deak ARM: OMAP: FB sync with N800 tree (support for dynamic...
2007-05-09 Tony Lindgren ARM: OMAP: Mostly cosmetic to sync up with linux-omap...
2007-05-09 Hiroshi DOYU ARM: OMAP: Add mailbox support for IVA
2007-05-09 Catalin Marinas [ARM] armv7: add Makefile and Kconfig entries
2007-05-09 Catalin Marinas [ARM] armv7: add support for asid-tagged VIVT I-cache
2007-05-09 Uwe Kleine-König fix file specification in comments
2007-05-09 Matt LaPlante misc doc and kconfig typos
2007-05-08 Catalin Marinas [ARM] armv7: add support for ARMv7 cores.
2007-05-08 Kevin Welton [ARM] Fix ARM branch relocation range
2007-05-08 Tony Lindgren ARM: OMAP: Sync core code with linux-omap
2007-05-08 David Brownell ARM: OMAP: h4 must have blinky leds!!
2007-05-08 Imre Deak ARM: OMAP: FB: add controller platform data
2007-05-08 Juha Yrjola ARM: OMAP: Add function to print clock usecounts
2007-05-08 Juha Yrjola ARM: OMAP: Add DMA IRQ sanity checks
2007-05-08 David Brownell ARM: OMAP: gpio init section cleanups
2007-05-08 Russell King [ARM] Fix ASID version switch
2007-05-08 Bernhard Walle Add IRQF_IRQPOLL flag on arm
2007-05-08 Randy Dunlap header cleaning: don't include smp_lock.h when not...
2007-05-08 Christoph Hellwig move die notifier handling to common code