Merge branch 'i2c-for-linus' of git://
[linux-2.6.git] / Documentation / feature-removal-schedule.txt
2007-05-05 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'i2c-for-linus' of git://jdelvare.pck...
2007-05-04 Cornelia Huck [S390] cio: Deprecate read_dev_chars() and read_conf_da...
2007-05-01 Jean Delvare i2c: Obsolete i2c-ixp2000, i2c-ixp4xx and scx200_i2c
2007-05-01 Jean Delvare i2c: Kill i2c_adapter.class_dev
2007-04-27 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'master' of ssh:///linux/kernel/git/mcheha...
2007-04-27 Hans Verkuil V4L/DVB (5407a): Update feature-removal-schedule.txt...
2007-04-27 Adrian Bunk the overdue removal of the mount/umount uevents
2007-04-27 David S. Miller [IPV4]: Add multipath cached to feature-removal-schedul...
2007-04-26 Johannes Berg [WIRELESS]: Remove wext over netlink.
2007-04-26 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: Remove IPv4 only connection tracking/NAT
2007-04-09 Stefan Richter ieee1394: change deprecation status of dv1394
2007-03-11 Wim Van Sebroeck [WATCHDOG] i8xx TCO driver - mark for removal
2007-03-05 Johannes Berg [PATCH] schedule wext/rtnl for removal
2007-02-19 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'kill-jffs' of /linux/kernel/git/jgarzik...
2007-02-17 Jeff Garzik Remove JFFS (version 1), as scheduled.
2007-02-17 Len Brown Pull remove-hotkey into release branch
2007-02-17 Len Brown ACPI: hotkey: remove driver, per feature-removal-schedu...
2007-02-11 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2007-02-11 Adrian Bunk [PATCH] schedule obsolete OSS drivers for removal,...
2007-02-10 Richard Purdie Input: tsdev - schedule removal
2007-02-09 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git./linux/kernel...
2007-02-09 Nick Piggin [PATCH] mm: remove find_trylock_page
2007-02-08 Adrian Bunk the scheduled IEEE1394_OUI_DB removal
2007-02-08 Adrian Bunk the scheduled IEEE1394_EXPORT_FULL_API removal
2007-02-08 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of /linux/kernel/git...
2007-02-07 Stephen Hemminger sk98lin: planned removal
2007-02-03 Len Brown Pull sysfs into test branch
2007-01-29 Zhang Rui ACPI: add a Kconfig option for ACPI procfs interface
2007-01-23 Jeff Garzik Note that JFFS (v1) is to be deleted, in feature-remova...
2007-01-11 Len Brown Pull trivial into release branch
2007-01-11 Len Brown ACPI: schedule obsolete features for deletion
2007-01-04 David Brownell i2c: Migration aids for removal
2006-12-14 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: bridge-netfilter: remove deferred hooks
2006-12-13 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'hwmon-for-linus' of git://jdelvare.pck...
2006-12-12 Dave Jones Merge ../linus
2006-12-12 Jean Delvare hwmon/it87: Remove the SMBus interface support
2006-12-10 Jean Delvare i2c: Delete the broken i2c-ite bus driver
2006-12-07 Stefan Richter ieee1394: conditionally export ieee1394_bus_type
2006-12-07 Stefan Richter ieee1394: schedule *_oui sysfs attributes for removal
2006-12-07 Stefan Richter ieee1394: schedule unused symbol exports for removal
2006-12-07 Stefan Richter ieee1394: dv1394: schedule for feature removal
2006-12-07 Stefan Richter ieee1394: raw1394: defer feature removal of old isoch...
2006-12-04 Jeff Garzik Remove long-unmaintained ftape driver subsystem.
2006-12-03 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: Mark old IPv4-only connection tracking...
2006-12-03 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: Kill ip_queue from feature removal schedule.
2006-12-03 Adrian Bunk [NET]: The scheduled removal of the frame diverter.
2006-11-09 Eric W. Biederman [PATCH] sysctl: Undeprecate sys_sysctl
2006-10-18 Dominik Brodowski Documentation: feature-removal-schedule typo
2006-10-15 Venkatesh Pallipadi [CPUFREQ][4/8] acpi-cpufreq: Mark speedstep-centrino...
2006-10-04 Adrian Bunk [PATCH] The scheduled removal of some OSS drivers
2006-10-03 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/bunk/trivial
2006-10-03 Matt LaPlante Fix typos in Documentation/: 'F'-'G'
2006-10-03 Yoichi Yuasa [MIPS] Remove IT8172-based platforms, ITE 8172G and...
2006-10-03 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Remove Atlas and SEAD from feature-removal-schedule.
2006-10-03 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Remove Jaguar and Ocelot family from feature...
2006-10-03 Adrian Bunk [PATCH] md: the scheduled removal of the START_ARRAY...
2006-10-03 Jeff Garzik [PATCH] schedule ftape removal
2006-09-30 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/mchehab/v4l-dvb
2006-09-30 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'upstream-linus' of git://git./linux/kerne...
2006-09-27 Eric W. Biederman [PATCH] sysctl: Document that sys_sysctl will be removed
2006-09-27 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/gregkh/i2c-2.6
2006-09-27 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Remove EV96100 as previously announced.
2006-09-26 Jean Delvare i2c: Plan i2c-isa for removal
2006-09-26 Mauro Carvalho Chehab V4L/DVB (4608a): V4L1 API conversion not finished yet
2006-09-26 Pavel Machek PM: schedule /sys/devices/.../power/state for removal
2006-09-26 Kay Sievers deprecate PHYSDEV* keys
2006-09-23 Stefan Richter Merge branch 'mainline' into upstream-linus
2006-09-18 Stephen Hemminger [NET]: Mark frame diverter for future removal.
2006-09-17 Adrian Bunk the scheduled removal of drivers/ieee1394/sbp2.c:force_...
2006-09-01 Adrian Bunk [PATCH] schedule obsolete OSS drivers for removal,...
2006-07-25 Patrick McHardy [NETFILTER]: bridge netfilter: add deferred output...
2006-07-13 Linus Torvalds Merge commit /linux/kernel/git/gregkh/i2c-2.6 of HEAD
2006-07-12 Adrian Bunk [PATCH] The scheduled unexport of insert_resource
2006-07-12 Jean Delvare [PATCH] i2c-ite: Plan for removal
2006-07-10 Christoph Hellwig [PATCH] remove the tasklist_lock export
2006-07-02 Thomas Gleixner [PATCH] irq-flags: consolidate flags for request_irq
2006-06-29 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/gregkh/devfs-2.6
2006-06-29 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Death list of board support to be removed after...
2006-06-29 Ralf Baechle Remove au1x00_uart from feature-removal-schedule.txt.
2006-06-28 Arjan van de Ven [PATCH] Add EXPORT_UNUSED_SYMBOL and EXPORT_UNUSED_SYMB...
2006-06-26 Greg Kroah-Hartman [PATCH] devfs: Remove it from the feature_removal.txt...
2006-06-23 Paul E. McKenney [PATCH] Make RCU API inaccessible to non-GPL Linux...
2006-06-21 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/bcollins/linux1394-2.6
2006-06-19 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Remove support for NEC DDB5476.
2006-06-19 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Remove support for NEC DDB5074.
2006-06-12 Ben Collins Update feature removal of obsolete raw1394 ISO requests.
2006-05-18 Stefan Richter [PATCH] sbp2: consolidate workarounds
2006-04-20 Adrian Bunk [PATCH] update OBSOLETE_OSS_DRIVER schedule and depende...
2006-04-11 Adrian Bunk [PATCH] the scheduled unexport of panic_timeout
2006-03-31 Adrian Bunk [PATCH] fs/namei.c: make lookup_hash() static
2006-03-31 Nick Piggin [PATCH] mm: schedule find_trylock_page() removal
2006-03-25 Thomas Gleixner [PATCH] Validate and sanitze itimer timeval from userspace
2006-03-24 Christoph Hellwig [PATCH] deprecate the tasklist_lock export
2006-03-24 Christoph Hellwig [PATCH] deprecate the kernel_thread export
2006-03-23 Adrian Bunk [PATCH] PCI: the scheduled removal of PCI_LEGACY_PROC
2006-03-20 Greg Kroah-Hartman [PATCH] add EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL_FUTURE() to USB subsystem
2006-03-11 Jeff Garzik Merge branch 'upstream-fixes'
2006-03-09 Ralf Baechle [MIPS] Threaten removal of code for NEC DDB5074 and...
2006-02-28 John W. Linville Merge branch 'from-linus'
2006-02-24 Jeff Garzik Merge branch 'upstream-fixes'