Blackfin arch: dont clear status register bits in SWRST so we can actually use it
[linux-2.6.git] / CREDITS
2007-05-11 David Woodhouse further UTF-8 fixes and name correction
2007-05-09 John Anthony Kazos Jr Convert the toplevel files CREDITS and MAINTAINERS...
2007-05-08 Miguel Ojeda Add webpages' URL and summarize 3 lines.
2007-05-08 Kees Cook proc: maps protection
2007-05-02 Andi Kleen [PATCH] x86-64: Change my email address
2007-04-27 Li Yang USB: update MAINAINERS and CREDITS for Freescale USB...
2007-04-26 Johannes Berg [WIRELESS] cfg80211: New wireless config infrastructure.
2007-04-26 Arnaldo Carvalho... [CREDITS]: Update Arnaldo entry
2007-02-26 Mikael Pettersson [PATCH] CREDITS: update my email address
2007-02-11 Miguel Ojeda Sandonis [PATCH] drivers: add LCD support
2007-01-23 Linus Torvalds Change Linus' email address too
2006-12-30 Lennert Buytenhek [PATCH] Update CREDITS and MAINTAINERS entries for...
2006-12-08 Jiri Kosina [PATCH] Generic HID layer - build
2006-12-03 YOSHIFUJI Hideaki [TCP]: MD5 Signature Option (RFC2385) support.
2006-11-18 David Weinehall [PATCH] Update my CREDITS entry
2006-11-09 Tigran Aivazian [PATCH] Tigran has moved
2006-10-04 Linus Torvalds Merge git://git./linux/kernel/git/steve/gfs2-2.6
2006-10-04 Josh Triplett [PATCH] RCU: CREDITS and MAINTAINERS
2006-10-03 Samuel Tardieu Add missing maintainer countries in CREDITS
2006-10-03 Michal Wronski Michal Wronski: update contact info
2006-10-03 Pekka Enberg [PATCH] Add Pekka to CREDITS
2006-10-02 Steven Whitehouse Merge branch 'master' into gfs2
2006-09-29 Ian S. Nelson [PATCH] /sys/modules: allow full length section names
2006-09-29 Jesper Juhl [PATCH] Small update to CREDITS
2006-09-25 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Fix up merge of Linus' kernel into GFS2
2006-09-22 Paul Moore [NetLabel]: documentation
2006-08-29 Steven Whitehouse Merge branch 'master' into gfs2
2006-08-27 Ian McDonald [DCCP]: Update contact details and copyright
2006-07-17 Steven Whitehouse Merge branch 'master'
2006-07-10 Luiz Fernando N... [PATCH] Updates CREDITS file
2006-07-03 Steven Whitehouse Merge git./linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6
2006-06-29 Linus Torvalds Merge /pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/kyle/parisc-2.6
2006-06-27 Thibaut Varene [PARISC] Update Thibaut Varene's CREDITS entry
2006-06-26 Adrian Bunk move acknowledgment for Mark Adler to CREDITS
2006-06-25 Niels Kristian Bec... [PATCH] Update contact information in CREDITS
2006-05-25 Steven Whitehouse Merge branch 'master'
2006-05-15 Marcelo Tosatti [PATCH] Marcelo has moved
2006-05-12 Steven Whitehouse Merge branch 'master'
2006-05-04 Linus Torvalds CREDITS file update (Tristan Greaves)
2006-04-28 Steven Whitehouse [GFS2] Update my Credits file entry
2006-04-11 Geert Uytterhoeven [PATCH] Update contact info for Geert Uytterhoeven
2006-03-28 Philip Gladstone [PATCH] Philip Gladstone has moved
2006-03-27 Alessandro Zummo [PATCH] RTC subsystem: class
2006-03-25 Jamie Lokier [PATCH] Remova long-incorrect address for Jamie Lokier
2006-03-20 Luca Risolia [PATCH] USB: CREDITS: Add credits about the ZC0301...
2006-03-20 Andrea Arcangeli [PATCH] Remove obsolete CREDITS address
2006-03-11 Chris Wright [PATCH] update email address
2006-02-05 Stephen Smalley [PATCH] MAINTAINERS/CREDITS: Update SELinux contact...
2006-01-09 Eugene Surovegin [PATCH] CREDITS update: Eugene Surovegin
2006-01-03 Jaya Kumar [ALSA] Add support for the CS5535 Audio device
2005-11-18 Kyle McMartin [PARISC] Update CREDITS entries
2005-11-14 Kumar Gala [PATCH] Update email address for Kumar
2005-11-06 Michal Wronski Update Michal Wronski contact info
2005-10-22 Kyle McMartin [PARISC] Update MAINTAINERS and CREDITS
2005-09-17 Arnaldo Carvalho... [DCCP]: Add MAINTAINERS and CREDITS entries
2005-08-18 Zwane Mwaikambo [PATCH] Update email addresses for Zwane
2005-08-08 James Morris [PATCH] Update contact info for James Morris
2005-07-27 Jesper Juhl [PATCH] Update CREDITS entry and listings in source...
2005-06-22 James Morris [PATCH] Update my credits entry
2005-06-22 Jaya Kumar [PATCH] Framebuffer driver for Arc LCD board
2005-06-09 Dave Neuer [PATCH] ARM: 2706/1: Fix compile on SA-based iPAQs...
2005-05-17 randy_dunlap [PATCH] update CREDITS
2005-05-05 Jesper Juhl [PATCH] update Ross Biro bouncing email address
2005-04-16 Colin Leroy [PATCH] CREDITS update
2005-04-16 Matt Mackall [PATCH] update maintainer for /dev/random
2005-04-16 Linus Torvalds Linux-2.6.12-rc2