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[linux-2.6.git] / .mailmap
2011-11-11 Kuninori Morimoto mailmap: Fix up some renesas attributions
2011-07-07 Michael Büsch Update my e-mail address
2011-05-24 Paul Mundt mailmap: Add entry for Damian Hobson-Garcia.
2011-03-22 Paul Mundt mailmap: Update for OMAP DSS developers.
2011-01-25 Paul Mundt mailmap: Add an entry for Axel Lin.
2010-11-24 Paul Mundt mailmap: Fix up Takashi YOSHII's attribution.
2009-02-06 Uwe Kleine-König Add Sascha Hauer to .mailmap
2009-02-06 Uwe Kleine-König add another mailmap entry for Uwe Kleine-König
2009-01-06 Dmitry Eremin-Sole... Dmitry has been renamed
2008-10-28 Peter Oruba mailmap: add Peter Oruba
2008-10-20 Mark Brown mailmap: add Mark Brown
2008-09-13 Uwe Kleine-König Add Uwe Kleine-König to .mailmap
2008-04-30 S.Çağlar Onur Update .mailmap
2007-04-24 Michael Buesch Add mbuesch to .mailmap
2007-02-14 Nicolas Pitre [PATCH] add .mailmap for proper git-shortlog output