Merge "Fix tests for the flavors project."
[android/platform/tools/build.git] / gradle /
2012-09-21 Xavier Ducrohet Fix tests for the flavors project.
2012-09-21 Xavier Ducrohet Rework the way tests are installed and run.
2012-09-21 Xavier Ducrohet Merge "Support for multi-flavor builds."
2012-09-21 Adam Murdoch Build the library dependency graph.
2012-09-21 Xavier Ducrohet Support for multi-flavor builds.
2012-09-21 Xavier Ducrohet Make library projects use their library dependencies.
2012-09-21 Adam Murdoch Fix to include transitive jar dependencies of libraries.
2012-09-20 Xavier Ducrohet Merge "Fixes for publishing library bundles to reposito...
2012-09-20 Xavier Ducrohet Merge "Restructured the 'multiproject' test project."
2012-09-20 Xavier Ducrohet Merge "Fix jar name in library bundle when library...
2012-09-20 Adam Murdoch Fixes for publishing library bundles to repositories
2012-09-20 Xavier Ducrohet Fix overly agressive cleanup.
2012-09-20 Adam Murdoch Restructured the 'multiproject' test project.
2012-09-20 Adam Murdoch Fix jar name in library bundle when library project...
2012-09-14 Xavier Ducrohet Some clean up.
2012-09-13 Adam Murdoch Started wiring up library and jar dependencies.
2012-09-11 Xavier Ducrohet Ensure manifest changes trigger new builds.
2012-09-07 Adam Murdoch Defer calculation of compile classpath until required.
2012-09-06 Xavier Ducrohet Add support for building AILD files.
2012-08-31 Xavier Ducrohet Rename task classes to be more consistent.
2012-08-31 Xavier Ducrohet Add support for extra lines in BuildConfig.
2012-08-31 Xavier Ducrohet Make sure the build detects changes in config classes.
2012-08-30 Xavier Ducrohet Fix support for building and testing libraries.
2012-08-29 Xavier Ducrohet Refactor VariantConfig to contain the tested config.
2012-08-29 Xavier Ducrohet Start planning for checking inputs of all tasks.
2012-08-29 Xavier Ducrohet More refactoring to build library tests.
2012-08-29 Xavier Ducrohet Split android-builder out of android-gradle.
2012-08-29 Xavier Ducrohet Add support to build and bundle library projects.
2012-08-28 Xavier Ducrohet Refactoring to prepare for building libraries.
2012-08-28 Xavier Ducrohet Fix noCompress support in aapt.
2012-08-28 Xavier Ducrohet Add support for building test apps.
2012-08-27 Xavier Ducrohet Change the way AndroidBuilder is configured.
2012-08-23 Xavier Ducrohet Refactoring to prepare libary work
2012-08-23 Xavier Ducrohet Change the way the AndroidBuilder is created and used.
2012-08-23 Xavier Ducrohet Use AndroidBuilder to build basic APK.
2012-08-22 Xavier Ducrohet Merge "Create a Configure<Variant> task."
2012-08-22 Adam Murdoch Create a fat jar that contains the classes of the plugi...
2012-08-22 Xavier Ducrohet Create a Configure<Variant> task.
2012-08-22 Xavier Ducrohet Start integration of the builder lib in the gradle...
2012-08-21 Adam Murdoch Changed plugin group and package names.
2012-08-21 Adam Murdoch Separated the prototype into plugin and test apps.
2012-08-21 Adam Murdoch Initial prototype of Gradle plugin to build Android...