Merge "Add some javadoc."
[android/platform/tools/build.git] / gradle / build.gradle
2013-01-11 Xavier Ducrohet Custom Junit test report.
2013-01-02 Xavier Ducrohet Add crunch support to the ResourceManager.
2012-12-22 Xavier Ducrohet Add task on gradle plugin to run android tests on a...
2012-12-21 Xavier Ducrohet Prepare support for device tests.
2012-12-14 Xavier Ducrohet Update build files to not require some local properties.
2012-12-11 Xavier Ducrohet running integrationTest should force uploading both...
2012-12-11 Xavier Ducrohet Use the ResourceMerger to handle overlay.
2012-12-07 Xavier Ducrohet Configure idea plugin to support integration test src...
2012-11-12 Xavier Ducrohet Move test projects into integration-test
2012-11-09 Xavier Ducrohet Continue support for build variant API.
2012-10-23 Xavier Ducrohet Add some basic test of the plugin.
2012-10-02 Xavier Ducrohet Add developers section to the POM.
2012-10-01 Xavier Ducrohet Add publishLocal while UploadArchives goes to mavenCentral.
2012-09-29 Xavier Ducrohet Fix manifest merging.
2012-09-28 Xavier Ducrohet Update the build scripts to be able to upload to mavenc...
2012-09-28 Xavier Ducrohet Prepare to upload the gradle plugin to maven.
2012-08-29 Xavier Ducrohet Split android-builder out of android-gradle.
2012-08-22 Adam Murdoch Create a fat jar that contains the classes of the plugi...
2012-08-22 Xavier Ducrohet Start integration of the builder lib in the gradle...
2012-08-21 Adam Murdoch Changed plugin group and package names.
2012-08-21 Adam Murdoch Separated the prototype into plugin and test apps.