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last changeWed, 24 Nov 2010 23:21:52 +0000
2010-11-24 Rahul Bansal [tegra/wifi] WOW support in BCM driver master tegra-10.9.6 tegra-10.9.7 tegra-10.9.8 tegra-10.9.9
2010-10-05 Rakesh Kumar [wifi/bcm4329] Enable CUSTOMER_HW2 tegra-10.9.3 tegra-10.9.4 tegra-10.9.5
2010-09-17 rgoyal [wifi/bcm4329] pushing firmware file for wifi tegra-10.9.1 tegra-10.9.2
2010-08-20 Rakesh Kumar [wifi/bcm4329] enable softap support for nvidia tegra-10.8.2 tegra-10.8.3
2010-08-06 Rakesh Kumar [wifi/bcm4329] reset chip on driver load tegra-10.8.1
2010-08-06 Rakesh Kumar [wifi/bcm4329] build kernel before bcm driver
2010-07-28 Rakesh Kumar [wifi/bcm] prepare kernel for module compilation
2010-07-08 Rakesh Kumar [bcm4329] Compile using
2010-05-18 Howard M. Harte Add missing file for
2010-05-18 Howard Harte Update to
2010-05-03 Howard Harte Add firmware for BCM4325
2010-04-23 Howard Harte Change mode.
2010-04-23 Howard Harte Add trap debugging code.
2010-04-23 Howard Harte Add support for cfg80211.
2010-04-22 Howard Harte Update to RC223.
2010-04-22 Howard Harte Add firmware binaries for RC209.
8 years ago tegra-10.9.9 NVIDIA 10.9.9 release
8 years ago tegra-10.9.8 NVIDIA 10.9.8 release
8 years ago tegra-10.9.7 NVIDIA 10.9.7 release
8 years ago tegra-10.9.6 NVIDIA 10.9.6 release
8 years ago tegra-10.9.5 NVIDIA 10.9.5 release
8 years ago tegra-10.9.4 NVIDIA 10.9.4 release
8 years ago tegra-10.9.3 NVIDIA 10.9.3 release
8 years ago tegra-10.9.2 NVIDIA 10.9.2 release
8 years ago tegra-10.9.1 NVIDIA 10.9.1 release
8 years ago tegra-10.8.3 NVIDIA 10.8.3 release
8 years ago tegra-10.8.2 NVIDIA 10.8.2 release
8 years ago tegra-10.8.1 NVIDIA 2010.8.1 Release
8 years ago master