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2014-08-06 Jeff Sharkey Remove unused Downloads code/resources.
2013-03-21 Jeff Sharkey Finish RTL work in Downloads.
2011-11-10 Claudia de Veaux Edits to strings to use UI text standards.
2011-03-07 Vasu Nori bug:3514045 fix formatted strings
2011-03-02 Vasu Nori bug:3404934 implement share as one of the menu options
2011-02-26 Vasu Nori bug:3308769 add CAB options to downloads app
2010-10-20 Vasu Nori bug:3083060 UI tweaks to DownloadManager screens
2010-09-30 Steve Howard Improve how the download manager reports paused statuses.
2010-09-20 Steve Howard Improve file error reporting + new detailed error messa...
2010-09-20 Steve Howard New assets for download manager UI.
2010-09-10 Steve Howard Further work on the new downloads UI.
2010-09-08 Steve Howard First pass at new system UI for download manager.