am aed3c4a5: am 8fed41c3: Merge "Don\'t inadvertantly include tests in the build...
[android/platform/packages/providers/DownloadProvider.git] / tests /
2010-06-21 Steve Howard Check in copies of MockWebServer + friends.
2010-01-15 Jean-Baptiste Queru Use the private legacy API
2009-11-13 Jean-Baptiste Queru eclair snapshot tegra-9.12.5 tegra-9.12.5-baseline tegra-9.12.6 tegra-9.12.6-baseline
2009-07-26 Jean-Baptiste Queru Merge korg/donut into korg/master
2009-06-16 Brett Chabot Rename column reference in download provider permission...
2009-06-16 The Android Open... temp fix for build break
2009-06-15 Brett Chabot Add DownloadProvider permission tests.
2009-06-15 Brett Chabot Add permission test app structure for download provider.