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[android/platform/packages/providers/DownloadProvider.git] / tests / src / com / android / providers / downloads /
2014-02-06 Jeff Sharkey Many improvements to download storage management.
2013-01-08 Jeff Sharkey Clean up DownloadManager threading tests.
2012-11-09 Jeff Sharkey Rewrite of download notifications.
2012-07-25 Jeff Sharkey Move notification tests to LittleMock.
2012-04-17 Jeff Sharkey Add and enforce ALLOW_METERED column.
2011-06-17 Jeff Sharkey Teach DownloadManager about network policy.
2010-12-10 Vasu Nori fix broken DownloadManager tests
2010-09-21 Steve Howard Implement dialogs for wifi required + recommended limits.
2010-09-20 Steve Howard Fix notification bugs, cleanup DownloadService + Downlo...
2010-07-29 Steve Howard Get wifi limit from secure settings.
2010-07-27 Steve Howard Serialize threading for download manager testing.
2010-07-24 Steve Howard Stub out and test system notifications.
2010-07-22 Steve Howard Public API support for broadcasts and connectivity...
2010-07-19 Steve Howard Support for max download size that may go over mobile
2010-07-15 Steve Howard Introduce a seam to ConnectivityManager and TelephonyMa...
2010-07-01 Steve Howard Stub out the system clock in the download manager,...