Extra comments for multinetwork downloading
[android/platform/packages/providers/DownloadProvider.git] / src / com / android / providers / downloads / DownloadThread.java
2016-04-08 Robin Lee Extra comments for multinetwork downloading
2016-04-07 Robin Lee Implement multi-network downloads
2016-03-21 Jeff Sharkey Remove chmod(0644) for finished downloads.
2016-01-21 Jeff Sharkey DO NOT MERGE. Use resolved path for both checking and...
2015-04-01 Alex Klyubin Make DownloadProvider honor the cleartext traffic policy.
2015-01-15 Benson Huang Can not continue to download after powering on...
2014-11-10 Jeff Sharkey Connection: close is enough to know length.
2014-11-07 Jeff Sharkey Defeat connection reuse to really cancel.
2014-10-27 Jeff Sharkey Ensure that downloads stop quickly.
2014-08-26 Jeff Sharkey fallocate() returning ENOSYS is okay.
2014-04-29 Elliott Hughes OsConstants is moving.
2014-04-28 Elliott Hughes Move internal DownloadProvider code off libcore.os.
2014-02-06 Jeff Sharkey Add idle service to clean orphan downloads.
2014-02-06 Jeff Sharkey Many improvements to download storage management.
2014-01-27 Doug Zongker Revert "change download provider to use system log"
2014-01-27 Doug Zongker change download provider to use system log
2013-10-04 Jeff Sharkey Treat deleted in-progress downloads as canceled.
2013-06-06 Jeff Sharkey Count download WakeLocks against requesting app.
2013-05-10 Jeff Sharkey Increment operation counts to track downloads.
2013-03-26 Jeff Sharkey Unregister observer when tearing down service.
2013-03-19 Jeff Sharkey Defeat transparent Accept-Encoding: gzip.
2013-03-08 Jeff Sharkey DO NOT MERGE. Merge commit '4602bf9d' into mergeit
2013-03-08 Catherine Liu am 1c074231: am af909b55: Fix large file download failu...
2013-03-08 Catherine Liu Fix large file download failure issue
2013-02-26 Jeff Sharkey Adjust timeouts to reduce false-positive bugs.
2013-02-20 Jeff Sharkey Only report speeds from full samples windows.
2013-02-19 Jeff Sharkey Retries shouldn't backoff when network changes.
2013-02-14 Jeff Sharkey Update database before sending broadcast.
2013-02-13 Jeff Sharkey Redesign of DownloadManager update loop.
2013-01-29 Jeff Sharkey Tests for max retries/redirects, ETag switches.
2013-01-29 Jeff Sharkey Cleaner thread management, less global state.
2013-01-18 Jeff Sharkey Better handling of retryable errors.
2013-01-12 Jeff Sharkey Move network state to enums for type safety.
2013-01-11 Jeff Sharkey Only add one User-Agent header.
2013-01-10 Jeff Sharkey Only add one User-Agent header.
2013-01-10 Jeff Sharkey Simplify download flow control, handle redirects.
2013-01-08 Jeff Sharkey Clean up DownloadManager threading tests.
2012-12-20 Jeff Sharkey Fold InnerState into State.
2012-12-18 Jeff Sharkey Always append to files, handle end of stream.
2012-12-13 Jeff Sharkey Cleaner I/O.
2012-12-12 Jeff Sharkey Move DownloadManager to HttpURLConnection.
2012-11-28 Jeff Sharkey Improve download remaining time calculation.
2012-11-15 Jeff Sharkey Show remaining time in download notifications.
2012-10-25 Jeff Sharkey Better sanity checking for finished downloads. rel-roth-mp-3-partner rel-roth-ota-1-partner daily-2013.07.26.0_rel-roth-mp-3-partner daily-2013.07.26.1_rel-roth-mp-3-partner daily-2013.07.29.0_rel-roth-mp-3-partner daily-2013.07.29.1_rel-roth-mp-3-partner daily-2013.07.29.2_rel-roth-mp-3-partner daily-2013.07.31.1_rel-roth-ota-1-partner daily-2013.09.09.0_rel-roth-ota-1-partner
2012-07-20 Jeff Sharkey Reduce deletion logging.
2012-04-20 Jeff Sharkey More slogging around download deletion.
2012-04-17 Jeff Sharkey Add and enforce ALLOW_METERED column.
2012-04-09 Jeff Sharkey Give DownloadManager a useful user agent.
2012-04-05 Jeff Sharkey Move to new NetworkPolicyManager accessor.
2012-03-29 Jeff Sharkey Migrate to shared MockWebServer.
2012-02-08 Jeff Sharkey Match INetworkPolicyListener changes.
2012-01-20 Nick Pelly Update DownloadProvider for new Intent.normalizeMimeTyp...
2011-10-24 Jeff Sharkey Sanity check only after updating from file size.
2011-10-14 Jeff Sharkey NPE check before finalizeDestinationFile().
2011-08-29 Doug Zongker fix DownloadThread's use of ETag, range headers
2011-06-25 Jeff Sharkey Migrate setThreadStatsTag() from String to int.
2011-06-17 Jeff Sharkey Teach DownloadManager about network policy.
2011-06-03 Gloria Wang Merge "Download provider change for DRM Forward Lock...
2011-05-14 Jeff Sharkey Add Socket tagging for granular data accounting.
2011-04-19 Gloria Wang Download provider change for DRM Forward Lock plugin:
2011-03-17 Vasu Nori am 32d9917c: am 7666801a: Merge "bug:4121206 handle...
2011-03-17 Vasu Nori bug:4121206 handle STOPSHIP comments/code
2011-03-10 Vasu Nori (master) bug:3204324 allow no more than certain number...
2011-02-10 Vasu Nori bug:3422868 collect additional info to debug this problem
2011-02-09 Vasu Nori bug:3435895 listen to media_mounted broadcast intent
2011-01-27 Vasu Nori am d47f3711: am 3ea897d9: Merge "bug:3396889 (HC branch...
2011-01-27 Vasu Nori bug:3396889 (HC branch) fix STOPSHIP code
2011-01-24 Vasu Nori bug:3062216 (master) store correct status about network...
2011-01-16 Vasu Nori manual merge of GB change Change-Id: I1acf2fb9491d24f5e...
2011-01-16 Vasu Nori am 089951b2: (GB MR) bug:3351783 don\'t store redirectc...
2011-01-16 Vasu Nori (GB MR) bug:3351783 don't store redirectcount in db
2011-01-11 Vasu Nori bug:3338089 NPE in downloadthread
2011-01-11 Vasu Nori bug:3338089 print better error msg in DownloadThread...
2011-01-07 Vasu Nori Revert "Merge "downloadmanager should use "files" dir...
2011-01-07 Vasu Nori downloadmanager should use "files" dir - not "cache...
2010-12-23 Vasu Nori bug:3286430 set quota on downloads data dir
2010-12-14 Vasu Nori Download dir: /data/data/com.android.providers.download...
2010-12-05 Vasu Nori am 5bbe15ed: downloads broken by Change-Id: I115b3ba6cf...
2010-12-04 Vasu Nori manually merging Change-Id: If7dc0f86ea7a3c4394603416ca...
2010-12-03 Vasu Nori manually merging Change-Id: If7dc0f86ea7a3c4394603416ca...
2010-12-03 Vasu Nori downloads broken by Change-Id: I115b3ba6cfe0262269dbbc4...
2010-12-02 Vasu Nori am 084c3dc3: am 26f86843: Merge "(GB MR) bug:3144642...
2010-12-02 Vasu Nori am 26f86843: Merge "(GB MR) bug:3144642 temporary small...
2010-12-02 Vasu Nori (GB MR) bug:3144642 temporary small fix in GB MR and...
2010-11-12 Vasu Nori when a download fails, store the error msg in db
2010-10-20 Vasu Nori remove usage of hidden public constants.
2010-10-01 Steve Howard am d4dc8501: Merge "Seriously improve error reporting...
2010-10-01 Steve Howard Seriously improve error reporting in DownloadThread.
2010-09-30 Steve Howard resolved conflicts for merge of b108a273 to gingerbread...
2010-09-30 Steve Howard Improve how the download manager reports paused statuses.
2010-09-23 Steve Howard am ebb555c0: Support multi-valued HTTP headers, handle...
2010-09-23 Steve Howard Support multi-valued HTTP headers, handle new API changes
2010-09-21 Steve Howard am d3197296: Implement dialogs for wifi required +...
2010-09-21 Steve Howard Implement dialogs for wifi required + recommended limits.
2010-09-20 Steve Howard am dc738781: Merge "Improve file error reporting +...
2010-09-20 Steve Howard Improve file error reporting + new detailed error messa...
2010-09-16 Steve Howard resolved conflicts for merge of 3d55d829 to gingerbread...
2010-09-15 Steve Howard New URI structure with "my_downloads" and "all_downloads"
2010-08-21 Steve Howard am 97d590d5: Add UI message when queued for wifi due...
2010-08-21 Steve Howard Add UI message when queued for wifi due to size.