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[android/platform/packages/providers/DownloadProvider.git] / src / com / android / providers / downloads /
2014-02-06 Jeff Sharkey Many improvements to download storage management.
2014-01-27 Doug Zongker Revert "change download provider to use system log"
2014-01-27 Doug Zongker change download provider to use system log
2013-09-06 Jeff Sharkey Extend trampoline to show dialogs.
2013-08-29 Jeff Sharkey Follow stronger DocumentsProvider contract.
2013-08-18 Jeff Sharkey Support custom documents query projections.
2013-08-15 Jeff Sharkey Delegate to documents UI; improve contents.
2013-01-18 Jeff Sharkey Better handling of retryable errors.
2012-11-27 Jeff Sharkey Update extras for in-progress download.
2012-04-24 Jeff Sharkey Only delete spurious files belonging to us.
2012-04-09 Jeff Sharkey Give DownloadManager a useful user agent.
2011-04-19 Gloria Wang Download provider change for DRM Forward Lock plugin:
2011-03-17 Vasu Nori bug:4121206 handle STOPSHIP comments/code
2011-02-09 Vasu Nori bug:3435895 listen to media_mounted broadcast intent
2011-02-03 Vasu Nori Revert "Merge "bug:3341145 if ignore_size_limits flag...
2011-02-02 Vasu Nori bug:3341145 if ignore_size_limits flag set, validate...
2011-01-27 Vasu Nori bug:3396889 (HC branch) fix STOPSHIP code
2010-12-23 Vasu Nori bug:3286430 set quota on downloads data dir
2010-10-27 Vasu Nori allow run-time verbose debugging option on downloadmana...
2010-10-20 Vasu Nori remove usage of hidden public constants.
2009-11-13 Jean-Baptiste Queru eclair snapshot tegra-9.12.5 tegra-9.12.5-baseline tegra-9.12.6 tegra-9.12.6-baseline
2009-09-24 Jean-Baptiste Queru Disable unnecessary logging
2009-09-21 Jean-Baptiste Queru Add logging to track connectivity as seen from the...
2009-07-29 Jean-Baptiste Queru merge from donut
2009-07-14 Jean-Baptiste Queru am d3403254: Enable full logging (for easier debugging)
2009-07-14 Jean-Baptiste Queru Enable full logging (for easier debugging)
2009-03-04 The Android Open... auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
2009-03-04 The Android Open... auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843
2009-01-20 Jean-Baptiste Queru Match the official code style guide.
2008-12-18 The Android Open... Code drop from //branches/cupcake/...@124589
2008-10-21 The Android Open... Initial Contribution