Restore tag records when re-starting MyTag activity.
[android/platform/packages/apps/Tag.git] / src / com / android / apps / tag / record /
2010-10-28 Ben Komalo Restore tag records when re-starting MyTag activity.
2010-10-27 Jason parks Switch to a simpler storage model.
2010-10-27 Ben Komalo Prevent NPE when gallery (picasa) doesn't give us a...
2010-10-26 Ben Komalo Wire up delete icon for each record.
2010-10-24 Ben Komalo Add support for editing exiting records that require
2010-10-22 Ben Komalo Use JPEG instead of PNG as image format.
2010-10-21 Ben Komalo Serialize ImageRecord as image/png MIME records.
2010-10-21 Ben Komalo Change RecordEditInfo to return an NdefRecord instead of
2010-10-21 Ben Komalo Flesh out tag editor some more:
2010-10-21 Ben Komalo Save/restore outstanding pick info.
2010-10-21 Ben Komalo Beginnings of support for adding new records to a tag
2010-10-19 Nick Kralevich remove getRecordType(), other cleanup.
2010-10-19 Nick Kralevich Tweak around with ImageRecords / MimeRecords