Fix crash in tags app.
[android/platform/packages/apps/Tag.git] / res / layout /
2011-07-21 Jeff Hamilton Gut the Tags app.
2011-01-28 Jeff Hamilton Don't crash when not selecting a contact.
2011-01-27 Jeff Hamilton UI tweaks
2011-01-23 Jeff Hamilton Improved tag writing support.
2011-01-21 Ben Komalo Force tags to be in portrait.
2011-01-19 Ben Komalo Usability fixes for tags and DB upgrade code.
2011-01-15 Ben Komalo Large simplification to My tags functionality.
2010-12-14 Ben Komalo Re-implements MyTagList UI.
2010-11-04 Jason parks am 84ac53ee: Merge "Make the list item one line." into...
2010-11-03 Jason parks Make the list item one line.
2010-11-03 Jeff Hamilton DO NOT MERGE revert to simple My Tag UI.
2010-11-03 Ben Komalo My tag list restructuring.
2010-11-02 Ben Komalo Kill MyTagActivity and merge it into EditTagActivity.
2010-11-01 Ben Komalo Minor cleanup work - merge title/text in My tag and...
2010-11-01 Ben Komalo Create a one-time, first-run about activity that
2010-10-27 Jason parks Switch to a simpler storage model.
2010-10-26 Ben Komalo Add a minus sign for deleting a record in tag editor.
2010-10-26 Jeff Hamilton Fix a crasher when saving My Tag.
2010-10-25 Ben Komalo Merge "Some minor pixel adjustments and consolidating...
2010-10-25 Jeff Hamilton Merge "Show empty text in the tag list." into gingerbread
2010-10-25 Ben Komalo Some minor pixel adjustments and consolidating some...
2010-10-25 Jeff Hamilton Show empty text in the tag list.
2010-10-24 Ben Komalo Initial support for adding VCard data to the tag editor.
2010-10-22 Ben Komalo Use JPEG instead of PNG as image format.
2010-10-21 Ben Komalo Fix indenting and add some more padding to URL edit...
2010-10-21 Ben Komalo Flesh out tag editor some more:
2010-10-21 Ben Komalo Save/restore outstanding pick info.
2010-10-21 Ben Komalo Beginnings of support for adding new records to a tag
2010-10-20 Ben Komalo Make My Tag activity scrollable, and re-use common...
2010-10-19 Ben Komalo Write "my tag" contents to local NdefMessage.
2010-10-19 Jeff Hamilton Display MIME images inline.
2010-10-19 Jeff Hamilton Tweak some layouts & add parsing for absolute URIs
2010-10-19 Ben Komalo A skeletal, non-functional UI for the "My Tag" editor.
2010-10-19 Jeff Hamilton Fix the layout for the header in the tag viewer.
2010-10-18 Jeff Hamilton Add the date in the title bar when viewing an exsiting...
2010-10-18 Jeff Hamilton Update the UI to match the latest spec.
2010-10-18 Jeff Hamilton Import the NFC tag app.