2009-07-16 Android (Google... Merge change 7595 into donut
2009-07-15 Amith Yamasani DO NOT MERGE. Remove CDMA options for GSM Mobile Networ...
2009-07-15 Paul Berman Fix DTMF long tone issue
2009-07-13 Android (Google... Merge change 7014 into donut
2009-07-13 Android (Google... Merge change 6984 into donut
2009-07-13 Paul Berman Fix muting/notification issues on 3w/cw calls.
2009-07-13 Eric Fischer Import new translations
2009-07-13 Android (Google... Merge change 6922 into donut
2009-07-13 Jaikumar Ganesh Check for phone state change.
2009-07-10 jsh Two additional parameters for sendBurstDtmf.
2009-07-10 Android (Google... Merge change 6719 into donut
2009-07-10 Wink Saville Fix bug1783355, The "Use 2G only" setting has disappeared.
2009-07-10 Dianne Hackborn Fix bug #1873249i: Apps can DoS/brick device
2009-07-07 Nick Pelly Fix HFP-dont-work-on-some-carkits bug. Send OK after...
2009-07-06 Android (Google... Merge change 6300 into donut
2009-07-06 Nick Pelly Advertise UTF-8 phonebook support.
2009-07-06 Amith Yamasani Remove GSM/UMTS Options subtitle.
2009-07-01 Peng Zhu CDMA DTMF tone fix
2009-07-01 Android (Google... Merge change 5152 into donut
2009-06-26 David Brown Misc phone app code cleanup.
2009-06-25 David Krause apps/phone: CDMA voicemail support
2009-06-25 Abhishek Pillai apps/Phone: Support for CDMA caller name presentation...
2009-06-25 Wink Saville CDMA UI - 3-way calling, call waiting, and display...
2009-06-25 Wink Saville CDMA DTMF application changes.
2009-06-25 Wink Saville packages/apps/Phone: CDMA Settings additions
2009-06-23 Nick Pelly Do not establish audio until HFP service level connecti...
2009-06-22 Jaikumar Ganesh Removed unused bluetooth resources.
2009-06-20 Android (Google... Merge change 4674 into donut
2009-06-19 Nick Pelly Changes to Phone App necessary for BluetoothHeadset...
2009-06-18 David Brown FIX 1914930 -- Bad state of Emergency Dialer after...
2009-06-12 jsh Make FDN setting optional in CallFeaturesSetting
2009-06-11 jsh Don't call Phone.getCdmaEriText on non-CDMA phone.
2009-06-11 David Brown Temporary "double tap to answer call" UI for Sholes.
2009-06-10 Eric Fischer Update Portuguese translations.
2009-06-10 Eric Fischer am 32ddfc98: AI 149721: Import Portuguese translations.
2009-06-10 Eric Fischer AI 149721: Import Portuguese translations.
2009-06-09 David Brown Use Call.isGeneric() in the CallCard.
2009-06-05 David Brown Phone app: Initial *minimal* set of Phone UI changes...
2009-06-01 Wink Saville TODO fixes from Teleca 090527
2009-05-29 Android (Google... Merge change 2358 into donut
2009-05-27 Daisuke Miyakawa Merge from cupcake_dcm. Should be reviewed by jackpal...
2009-05-22 Wink Saville Minimal set of changes needed to run with the modified...
2009-05-18 Wink Saville Teleca 2b changes.
2009-05-15 Android (Google... Merge change 1703 into donut
2009-05-14 David Brown findbugs fixit: Clean up a few more (fairly minor)...
2009-05-14 David Brown findbugs fixit: misc cleanup in
2009-05-14 Android (Google... Merge change 1570 into donut
2009-05-13 David Brown Fix bad use of "==" with Strings.
2009-05-13 Eric Fischer Remove unused DateFormatUtils class.
2009-05-07 Eric Laurent fix issue 1699014 remove obsolete SoundEffect class
2009-05-05 David Brown Merge commit 'a9c6618' into merge
2009-05-05 David Brown AI 148291: FIX 1827599 -- [STOPSHIP] Unable to make...
2009-05-01 The Android... ignore
2009-05-01 Eric Fischer AI 148147: Import lots of zh_TW translation changes.
2009-05-01 Eric Fischer am a767a8c: AI 148026: Update zh_TW translations.
2009-04-30 Eric Fischer AI 148026: Update zh_TW translations.
2009-04-30 David Brown FIX 1737824: Fix typo (spurious comma) in Call settings...
2009-04-30 David Brown FIX 1703193: Wording tweak to in-call dialpad touch...
2009-04-29 Android (Google... Merge change 752 into donut
2009-04-29 Jim Miller Change EmergencyDialer to use managed dialogs.
2009-04-29 Android (Google... Merge change 705 into donut
2009-04-29 The Android... Merge commit '7c7adeb' into donut
2009-04-29 The Android... Merge commit 'e747f79' into donut
2009-04-29 David Brown FIX 1728001: Call card: add padding for long names
2009-04-29 Android (Google... Merge change 535 into donut
2009-04-28 Eric Fischer AI 147962: Import updated zh_TW translations.
2009-04-25 Android (Google... Merge change 533 into donut
2009-04-24 Wink Saville Teleca 090414 ...
2009-04-24 David Brown Fix 1809590: text is truncated in a couple of "incoming...
2009-04-24 Android (Google... Merge change 450 into donut
2009-04-23 Eric Fischer AI 147492: Update zh_TW translations.
2009-04-23 Jean-Baptiste... merge cupcake into donut
2009-04-22 David Brown Re-apply fixes to the "SIM network unlock" UI (which...
2009-04-22 Eric Fischer AI 147406: Import revised translations.
2009-04-21 David Brown Fix bug 1793462 (part 1): add a resource to disable...
2009-04-16 Eric Fischer AI 146517: Import translation changes.
2009-04-15 Eric Fischer AI 146365: Import revised translations.
2009-04-15 Tammo Spalink clean up resId logic
2009-04-14 Eric Fischer AI 146175: Import updated translations.
2009-04-14 Eric Fischer AI 146037: Import updated translations.
2009-04-09 Eric Fischer AI 145493: am: CL 145214 Update cupcake translations.
2009-04-09 Eric Fischer AI 145225: Import more revised translations into cupcake.
2009-04-08 Eric Fischer AI 145214: Update cupcake translations.
2009-04-08 Eric Fischer AI 144977: Import revised translations.
2009-04-07 Eric Fischer AI 144912: Merge from cupcake:
2009-04-07 Eric Fischer AI 144891: Import a bunch of revised translations.
2009-04-06 Wink Saville AI 144705: Teleca patch from 03/27/2009, fixes some...
2009-04-04 Eric Fischer AI 144558: am: CL 144556 Pick up today's modified trans...
2009-04-04 Eric Fischer AI 144556: Pick up today's modified translations.
2009-04-03 Eric Fischer AI 144355: Automated g4 rollback of changelist 144335.
2009-04-03 Eric Fischer AI 144347: Reimport es_US translations in an attempt...
2009-04-02 Eric Fischer AI 144336: am: CL 144335 Import US Spanish translations...
2009-04-02 Eric Fischer AI 144335: Import US Spanish translations, and a few...
2009-04-02 Wink Saville AI 144185: Integrate cdma into the main code base.
2009-04-02 Eric Fischer AI 144142: am: CL 144141 Pick up a couple of edited...
2009-04-01 Eric Fischer AI 144141: Pick up a couple of edited translations.
2009-03-28 David Brown AI 143276: am: CL 143274 FIX 1741378 and 1702095: Emerg...
2009-03-28 Eric Fischer AI 143217: am: CL 143012 Import revised Japanese transl...
2009-03-28 Dianne Hackborn AI 143214: am: CL 143009 More work on issue #1739507...
2009-03-27 David Brown AI 143274: FIX 1741378 and 1702095: Emergency calls...