2010-06-28 Alon Farchy [Camera Tests] Fixed camera tests not running master
2010-06-10 Yu Shan Emily Lau Merge "Fixed the camera test instrumentation target... froyo tegra-10.7.1-ER-baseline tegra-10.7.2-baseline tegra-10.8.1-baseline tegra-10.8.2-baseline tegra-10.8.3-baseline tegra-10.9.1-baseline tegra-10.9.2-baseline
2010-06-10 Kenny Root Import revised translations
2010-06-09 Yu Shan Emily Lau Fixed the camera test instrumentation target naming...
2010-05-13 Owen Lin Add copyright headers to source codes.
2010-05-11 Ray Chen Fix 2672651 When GPS is disabled, GPS EXIF data is...
2010-05-06 Daniel Sandler Nudge the camera preview 2dip from the screen edge.
2010-05-04 Michael Chan Merge "b/2483367 Moving OneTimeInitializer to vendor...
2010-04-30 Michael Chan b/2483367 Moving OneTimeInitializer to vendor/google
2010-04-29 Kenny Root Import revised translations
2010-04-27 Kenny Root Import revised translations
2010-04-26 Owen Lin Avoid loading drawables in CameraSettings.
2010-04-23 Chih-Chung... Merge "Startup time improvements. Bug: 2430326" into...
2010-04-23 Chih-Chung... Startup time improvements.
2010-04-23 Owen Lin Remove unused state in some resources.
2010-04-21 Owen Lin Reset scece mode overrides in InitializeHeadUpDisplay.
2010-04-21 Owen Lin Remove GLRootView in onPause() and put it back in onRes...
2010-04-21 Owen Lin Merge "Fix bug: 2609027." into froyo
2010-04-21 Owen Lin Fix bug: 2609027.
2010-04-20 Chih-Chung... Don't stop user from taking pictures while the media...
2010-04-16 Ray Chen Always encode GpsTimeStamp in Camera.
2010-04-13 Owen Lin Add aboutToChange to GLRootView.
2010-04-09 Chih-Chung... Add a hack to avoid allocating GL surface with differen...
2010-04-08 Owen Lin Fix a typo in the code.
2010-04-08 Chih-Chung... Merge "Fix the ANR after switching between Camera and...
2010-04-08 Chih-Chung... Merge "Make shortcut upgrading code a bit more robust...
2010-04-08 Wu-cheng Li Do not register OneShotPreviewCallback to reduce latency.
2010-04-08 Chih-Chung... Make shortcut upgrading code a bit more robust.
2010-04-08 Owen Lin Fix the ANR after switching between Camera and Camcorder.
2010-04-08 Wu-cheng Li Update the code due to API change.
2010-04-07 Owen Lin Remove unused resources and code.
2010-04-01 Ray Chen ThumbnailUtils.createVideoThumbnail API change
2010-04-01 James Dong Camera app update due to CameraProfile and CamcorderPro...
2010-03-30 Chih-Chung... Merge "Update shortcut for VideoCamera too." into froyo
2010-03-30 Owen Lin Fix one more NPE. (Second run)
2010-03-30 Owen Lin Improve GLListView UI.
2010-03-30 Owen Lin Add some more ways to dismiss popup window(UX change).
2010-03-30 Yu Shan Emily Lau Merge "Update the camera package name in the camera...
2010-03-30 Yu Shan Emily Lau Update the camera package name in the camera tests.
2010-03-29 Chih-Chung... Update shortcut for VideoCamera too.
2010-03-27 Chih-Chung... Update the shortcut for Camera to the new component...
2010-03-25 Chih-Chung... Revert "Fix one more NPE."
2010-03-25 Owen Lin Fix one more NPE.
2010-03-24 Chih-Chung... Merge "Insert the "size" column with other attributes...
2010-03-24 Owen Lin Merge "Revert the icon rotation animation."
2010-03-23 Chih-Chung... Insert the "size" column with other attributes at the...
2010-03-22 Wei-Ta Chen Fix 2533691 by using REVIEW intent added in Gallery.
2010-03-22 Owen Lin Revert the icon rotation animation.
2010-03-22 Owen Lin Fix several NPEs.
2010-03-20 Wei-Ta Chen Fix 2427867 by specifying the "review" extra when revie...
2010-03-19 Owen Lin Fix the startup crash.
2010-03-19 Owen Lin Fix the zoom indicator not updated issue.
2010-03-19 Owen Lin Merge "Fix the content truncated issue."
2010-03-19 Owen Lin Fix the content truncated issue.
2010-03-19 Wu-cheng Li Get the parameters before reading maximum zoom.
2010-03-19 Owen Lin Fix a NPE in VideoCamera.
2010-03-19 Owen Lin Fix the picture size settings doesn't get initialized...
2010-03-18 Eric Fischer Merge "Import revised translations"
2010-03-18 Owen Lin More improvement on UI.
2010-03-18 Kenny Root Import revised translations
2010-03-18 Owen Lin Some more improvements of the UI.
2010-03-16 Owen Lin Fix several UI issues.
2010-03-16 Chih-Chung... Add switch to Camera/VideoCamera menu item.
2010-03-16 Chih-Chung... Update camera parameters only when the camera is in...
2010-03-14 Owen Lin New UI for camcorder.
2010-03-14 Owen Lin Restore Settings.
2010-03-13 Wu-cheng Li Remove the extra media recorder initialization during...
2010-03-11 Chih-Chung... Wait for camera idle (not focusing or snapshotting...
2010-03-10 Romain Guy Camera should have the package name.
2010-03-10 Owen Lin Add the new ZoomController UI and also the exposure...
2010-03-10 Chih-Chung... Set initial version code.
2010-03-09 Wu-cheng Li Hide the preview in onPause to avoid rotated preview.
2010-03-09 Chih-Chung... Merge "Make camera tests use the same key as camera."
2010-03-09 Chih-Chung... Make camera tests use the same key as camera.
2010-03-09 Jean-Baptiste... Add an empty
2010-03-09 Chih-Chung... Unbundle: change camera package name.
2010-03-08 Chih-Chung... Revert "Unbundle: change package name to
2010-03-08 Chih-Chung... Merge "Unbundle: change package name to
2010-03-07 Owen Lin Address the review comments.
2010-03-07 Owen Lin Add pixel density concept to the code. So, it draw...
2010-03-06 Chih-Chung... Unbundle: change package name to
2010-03-06 Chih-Chung... Revert "Unbundle."
2010-03-05 Chih-Chung... Unbundle.
2010-03-05 Chih-Chung... Remove unused code.
2010-03-05 Chih-Chung... Remove unused code.
2010-03-05 Owen Lin Merge "Add strings for for new UI."
2010-03-05 Owen Lin Add strings for for new UI.
2010-03-05 Ray Chen Merge "Add location provider name to gps-processing...
2010-03-04 Eric Fischer Import new translations
2010-03-04 Ray Chen Add location provider name to gps-processing-method...
2010-03-04 James Dong Merge "Use unhidden public API from
2010-03-04 James Dong Use unhidden public API from class...
2010-03-03 Ying Wang Enable proguard on Camera.
2010-03-03 Horia Ciurdar Merge "Don't start recording right away, even when...
2010-03-02 Wu-cheng Li Disable proguard to avoid camera crash.
2010-03-02 Horia Ciurdar Don't start recording right away, even when in quickCap...
2010-03-02 Owen Lin Merge "The first runnable version of the new UI."
2010-02-27 Eric Fischer Import new translations.
2010-02-26 Owen Lin The first runnable version of the new UI.
2010-02-25 James Dong Set duration and still image encoding quality using...