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7 years ago tegra-12r12-android-2.3 NVIDIA tegra-12r12-android-2.3...
7 years ago tegra-12r11-android-2.3 NVIDIA tegra-12r11-android-2.3...
7 years ago tegra-10.11.OCT.ER NVIDIA tegra-10.11.OCT.ER release
7 years ago tegra-14.ER2.1-android-2.3 NVIDIA tegra-14.ER2.1-android-2...
7 years ago tegra-12r10-android-2.3 NVIDIA tegra-12r10-android-2.3...
7 years ago tegra-14.ER1-android-2.3 NVIDIA tegra-14.ER1-android-2.3...
7 years ago tegra-12r9-android-2.3 NVIDIA tegra-12r9-android-2.3 release
7 years ago tegra-10.11.16 NVIDIA tegra-10.11.16 release
7 years ago tegra-10.11.15 NVIDIA tegra-10.11.15 release
7 years ago tegra-12r8-android-2.3 NVIDIA tegra-12r8-android-2.3 release
7 years ago tegra-12r7-android-2.3 NVIDIA tegra-12r7-android-2.3 release
7 years ago tegra-10.11.14 NVIDIA tegra-10.11.14 release
7 years ago tegra-12r6-android-2.3 NVIDIA tegra-12r6-android-2.3 release
7 years ago tegra-10.11.13 NVIDIA tegra-10.11.13 release
7 years ago tegra-12r5.1 NVIDIA tegra-12r5.1 release
7 years ago tegra-10.11.12 NVIDIA tegra-10.11.12 release
4 years ago rel-24-uda-r1-partner
4 years ago rel-24-uda-r1.1-partner
4 years ago rel-24-uda-r1.2-partner
4 years ago rel-24-uda-r1.4-partner
4 years ago rel-24-uda-r2-partner
8 years ago gingerbread-tegra
8 years ago k39-gingerbread
8 years ago rel-12r10-gb
8 years ago rel-12r11-gb
8 years ago rel-12r12-gb
8 years ago rel-12r3
8 years ago rel-12r4
8 years ago rel-12r5
8 years ago rel-12r6-gb
8 years ago rel-12r7-gb
8 years ago rel-12r8-gb