Cleanup: Delete dead code.
[android/platform/hardware/broadcom/wlan.git] / bcmdhd / wifi_hal /
2014-07-10 Ashwin More GScan feature tweaks
2014-07-10 Ashwin Added support for channel list
2014-07-10 Ashwin Implement RTT API in wifi HAL
2014-06-25 Vinit Deshpande Remove noisy logs from Broadcom's WifiHAL
2014-06-11 Vinit Deshpande Add mutual exclusion to wifi HAL infrastructure
2014-06-11 Vinit Deshpande More GScan API changes
2014-05-23 Vinit Deshpande Remove duplicate copies of nl80211_copy.h
2014-05-22 Vinit Deshpande More Libnl fixes for Broadcom's WifiHAL
2014-05-16 Chilam Ng Broadcom HAL implementation of Link Layer Statistics
2014-05-16 Vinit Deshapnde changes related to full scan result and band
2014-05-08 Vinit Deshapnde Build fixes for sources merged from KWD
2014-05-08 Vinit Deshapnde Workaround for report_events functionality
2014-05-08 Vinit Deshapnde Moving Wifi HAL to hardware