Externally-reported Moderate severity vulnerability in SMS: Apps can bypass the SMS...
[android/platform/frameworks/opt/telephony.git] / tests /
2013-11-08 Sukanya Rajkhowa SMS over IMS bug fixes
2013-10-10 Sukanya Rajkhowa Support SMS over IMS
2013-08-27 Rika Brooks Telephony: SMS over IMS, DO NOT MERGE
2013-04-10 Jake Hamby Fix some frameworks-telephony test compile errors.
2013-03-26 Jake Hamby resolved conflicts for merge of 4eede890 to jb-mr2-dev
2013-03-11 Rika Brooks Telephony: Fix IntRangeManager
2013-02-23 Wink Saville Clean up member variables.
2013-02-11 Jake Hamby Fix test case broken by change to ISms method signature.
2013-02-08 Jake Hamby Add frameworks-telephony test cases for CDMA SMS.
2013-02-05 Jake Hamby am 9eef81ce: am 89558696: Merge "Telephony: Define...
2013-02-04 Jake Hamby Merge "Telephony: Define enable/disable APIs for Cdma...
2013-02-04 Rika Brooks Telephony: Define enable/disable APIs for Cdma CMAS
2013-01-31 Wink Saville Fix some broken tests.
2013-01-31 Wink Saville am 6943a913: am 5dcd8d72: Merge "Fix failed test case...
2013-01-31 xiaohui wang Fix failed test case when running framework auto test.
2012-12-10 Wink Saville Merge commit '7e4b734a' into fix-merge-conflict
2012-12-10 Alex Yakavenka Telephony: Move uicc classes into uicc package
2012-12-07 Wink Saville Use Rlog
2012-11-27 Wink Saville Use Rlog instead of Log.
2012-11-17 Wink Saville Remove mockril.
2012-08-31 Jake Hamby am 5b7a88ea: Merge "Fix CDMA decoding of multipart...
2012-08-31 Jake Hamby Fix CDMA decoding of multipart UTF-16 SMS messages.
2012-08-31 Jake Hamby am 115632cc: Fix CDMA decoding of multipart UTF-16...
2012-08-31 Jake Hamby Fix CDMA decoding of multipart UTF-16 SMS messages.
2012-08-31 Wink Saville am 50b1206d: am cc0e5450: Merge "WspTypeDecoder: fixed...
2012-08-31 Wink Saville am cc0e5450: Merge "WspTypeDecoder: fixed decoding...
2012-08-30 Johan Redestig WspTypeDecoder: fixed decoding of content parameters
2012-07-26 Wink Saville am 3c93767b: Merge "Revise CellInfo API\'s"
2012-07-26 Jake Hamby am 324dd8d1: am b8a13d30: Implement CMAS service catego...
2012-07-25 Jake Hamby Implement CMAS service category program results.
2012-07-25 Wink Saville Merge "Revise CellInfo API's"
2012-07-18 Naveen Kalla Move SmsUsageMonitorShortCodeTest from frameworks/base...
2012-07-18 Wink Saville Revise CellInfo API's
2012-07-17 Wink Saville Create telephony-common - DO NOT MERGE
2012-07-11 Wink Saville Create telephony-common