Revert "Revert "add apn setting parameters, and set apn parameters to bp""
[android/platform/frameworks/opt/telephony.git] / src / java / com / android / internal / telephony /
2014-08-14 Amit Mahajan Revert "Revert "add apn setting parameters, and set...
2014-08-12 Amit Mahajan Revert "add apn setting parameters, and set apn paramet...
2014-08-12 Hui Wang add apn setting parameters, and set apn parameters...
2014-07-30 Amit Mahajan Change to parse DataCallResponse correctly based on...
2014-07-18 Amit Mahajan Changes to add new parameter for Sim Authenticate
2014-06-30 Amit Mahajan EAP-SIM RIL command name change.
2014-06-12 Wink Saville Merge kwd to master
2014-04-30 Derek Tan Correct the comment in queryAvailableBandMode.
2014-02-24 Jake Hamby Remove unneeded new RIL command.
2014-02-24 Jake Hamby Merge "Remove unneeded new RIL command."
2014-02-20 Shishir Agrawal Setting the Preferred Network Type correctly on SIM...
2014-02-18 Jake Hamby Remove unneeded new RIL command.
2014-02-05 Jake Hamby Fix sending int params to new RIL calls.
2014-02-03 Jake Hamby Add new RIL commands to read/write and reset NV items.
2013-12-24 Shishir Agrawal Do not rely on channel id to determine basic vs logical...
2013-12-05 The Android Open... Merge commit 'eb7d144424aae66b25737a8d8791d192c980d86b...
2013-12-05 John Huang am 9e6a8351: Merge "RIL changes for supporting generic...
2013-12-02 Shishir Agrawal RIL changes for supporting generic SIM communication.
2013-11-08 Sukanya Rajkhowa SMS over IMS bug fixes
2013-10-24 Wink Saville Few PIN/PUK fixes
2013-10-10 Sukanya Rajkhowa Support SMS over IMS
2013-09-23 Wink Saville Move RIL_REQUEST_SET_INITIAL_ATTACH_APN to RILConstants...
2013-08-30 Ed Tam am c55cf066: Merge "Telephony: SMS over IMS, DO NOT...
2013-08-27 Rika Brooks Telephony: SMS over IMS, DO NOT MERGE
2013-07-08 Jean-Baptiste Queru am 299f0785: am 4b361fe2: am d254ff60: Merge "Telephony...
2013-07-08 Jean-Baptiste Queru am d254ff60: Merge "Telephony: remove the useless varia...
2013-06-28 Gao Rong Telephony: remove the useless variable.
2013-05-22 Sungmin Choi Set initial attach apn for LTE network
2013-05-21 Robert Greenwalt resolved conflicts for merge of d678053c to stage-aosp...
2013-05-20 Robert Greenwalt Using a single counter for outstanding requests.
2013-04-23 Wink Saville Support WiFi only device at runtime.
2013-04-17 Wink Saville Default CellInfoListRate to off, Integer.MAX_VALUE.
2013-04-09 Wink Saville Add FW support for CellInfo RIL commands.
2013-04-08 Wink Saville Fix SignalStrength response.
2013-03-22 Wink Saville Move retrying into DC.
2013-03-21 Wink Saville Merge commit 'f606e5cc' into fix-merge-conflict
2013-03-21 Bjorn Andersson RIL: Correct the RIL_REQUEST_DIAL api missmatch
2013-02-23 Wink Saville Clean up member variables.
2013-02-22 Wink Saville Clean up
2013-02-21 Wink Saville Move DataConnection related classes to their own package.
2013-02-05 Jake Hamby am 9eef81ce: am 89558696: Merge "Telephony: Define...
2013-02-04 Jake Hamby Merge "Telephony: Define enable/disable APIs for Cdma...
2013-02-04 Rika Brooks Telephony: Define enable/disable APIs for Cdma CMAS
2013-01-28 Wink Saville am 30f92450: am 69c5b8c7: Merge "Send correct screen...
2013-01-28 Wink Saville Merge "Send correct screen state when radio available."
2013-01-26 Wink Saville am 9af36163: am 5b5a06f5: Merge "Telephony: Don\'t...
2013-01-25 Wink Saville Merge "Telephony: Don't start RilReceiver when not...
2013-01-24 Alex Yakavenka Telephony: Don't start RilReceiver when not needed
2013-01-24 Bin Li Send correct screen state when radio available.
2013-01-23 Wink Saville am 5eee6bd8: am 57516407: Merge "Telephony: Correct...
2013-01-23 Wink Saville Merge "Telephony: Correct the typo in"
2013-01-11 Robert Greenwalt resolved conflicts for merge of 6125afc3 to master
2013-01-09 Robert Greenwalt Fix mRequestsLists -> mRequestList
2013-01-02 Wink Saville am 48a768d6: am aa54f8e0: Merge "Telephony: Add uicc...
2012-12-28 Alex Yakavenka Telephony: Add uicc debug info to DebugService
2012-12-10 Wink Saville Merge commit '7e4b734a' into fix-merge-conflict
2012-12-10 Alex Yakavenka Telephony: Move uicc classes into uicc package
2012-12-07 Wink Saville Use Rlog
2012-12-06 Nick Kralevich am 051b44e1: am 7f65cbad: Merge "Remove sent USSD log"
2012-12-06 Cuihtlauac ALVARADO Remove sent USSD log
2012-11-16 Wink Saville Add support for logging directly to RADIO LOG.
2012-10-17 Jiju Kinattingal Telephony: Correct the typo in
2012-10-06 Wink Saville Fake sim status changed appropriately
2012-10-04 Wink Saville Fix 7255789
2012-09-08 Wink Saville am f8a1f90c: am 511d4b68: am 713a658e: Merge "Telephony...
2012-09-08 Abhishek Adappa Telephony: Log parameters for facility lock operations.
2012-09-08 Wink Saville Merge commit '599f207f' into fix-merge-conflict
2012-09-07 Alex Yakavenka Telephony: Remove CdmaLteUicc objects
2012-08-13 Wink Saville Merge commit '616b281b' into merge-conflict-TelephonySi...
2012-08-02 Uma Maheswari Rama... Telephony: Signal Strength cleanup
2012-07-18 Wink Saville Revise CellInfo API's
2012-07-17 Wink Saville Create telephony-common - DO NOT MERGE
2012-07-11 Wink Saville Create telephony-common