IMS call merge call-back changes.
[android/platform/frameworks/opt/net/ims.git] / src / java / com / android / ims / internal /
2014-10-24 Tyler Gunn IMS call merge call-back changes.
2014-10-22 Tyler Gunn Propagating isMultiParty indicator from RIL up into...
2014-10-09 Shriram Ganesh IMS: Unsol TTY notification support
2014-08-26 Libin.Tang@motorol... IMS: modify sendDtmf to pass char input as the vendor...
2014-08-08 Andrew Lee Implement Ims's VideoCallProvider, including a wrapper.
2014-08-04 Etan Cohen Default implementations for IMS session handover callbacks
2014-06-11 Wink Saville Merge kwd to master